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I sit here peacefully and watch my time slip by

Not realising how those seconds do really seem to fly

Soon seconds are minutes as I sit patiently here

Watching the clock up on the wall so serenely unaware

Each tick is a part of my life left behind

Each tock another as my time unwinds

Each minute becomes two and then three and four

And soon five slip by through life's wide open door

As I quietly sit watching the smallest hand do its thing

Counting down my time on Earth as if on a whim

I wonder idly what would happen if that clock should ever stop

Would my life just end without that endless seeming tick tock

And if that fateful thing was to happen as I sat here all alone

Would anyone ever find my lifeless corpse or fleshless bone

My friends have all gone ahead, my family are no more

So really it's just the clock and me wondering what lies in store

So here I sit watching my life go by in each movement of the hand

Rather like one of the glasses in which time is measured by sand

You can watch each grain as it falls, but it's something you can't stay

Time it seems can never end, but for me I think it might today

The clock falters on the wall, the ticking seems to be growing faint

I watch it and smile as time is not the only thing that will be late

I close my eyes and peacefully sigh as time runs out for me

For unlike the clock there's no second chance by the turning of a key

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