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And the moral is...

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Don't be a bitchy superwoman, cos then your man will feel unhappy and will brainwash you with microchips. But that's a very bad thing to do, so if he does you can punish him by making him wear an apron, so it all turns out alright anyway.

smiley - erm

And the moral is...

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The moral seems to be 'don't be a maneating superwoman cos it's bad and your man will feel belittled, but then again being an ultra-traditionalist home-maker is bad too because it's demeaning, so, er, pass'.

You must be so excited with the new movie coming out... how well do you think Halle Berry caught your inner selfness?

I'd've invited you to guest review it for a laugh if I thought there was an outside chance of you actually going to see it. smiley - smiley

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And the moral is...

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