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The coastal line is hidden

underneath a heavy layer of snow

obliterating all landmarks

into a smooth nothingness



Painted white by the snow

only the sharpest of cliff formations

break the evenness

casting long blue shadows

across the plains

The same polar wind

that has set the snow adrift

in ever wandering waves

has also swept clear

the frozen floor of the ocean

revealing the dull dark blueness

of solid ice over deep sea

The intensely deep blue sky

pales into the distance

where it blends with the haze

of sun reflected upon snow

hurting your eyes

as you strive to see the horizon

Is it the North Pole?

Is it the Antarctic?


It is high up in the air

above the North Sea

above the clouds

the view as seen from an aircraft

on its way to London

But for a moment

it could have been an arctic landscape

Could it not?

Was it not?

And while you ponder

an icebear wanders by



and the landscape regains its stillness

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