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Part Three

Scene: FBI Headquarters 10.30am, 16th May, 1943

Miles knocks and opens an office door.

Miles: 'You got a minute Sir?'

A zippo lighter flares and a cigarette is lit. The face comes into focus. It is the modern day Cigarette Smoking Man.

CSM: 'What can I do for you Agent Doggett?'

Miles: 'I think we've got a commie spy in the department Sir.'

The CSM looks suprised.

CSM: 'How did you come to that conclusion?'

Miles: 'I came by some information last night that made me suspicious. The British have been monitering Russian radio traffic and some of it points to the bureau.'

CSM: 'Well, leave me your information and I'll look into it... also who is your contact?'

Miles: 'Sorry Sir, I promised I wouldn't give them away. Also, Sir, what's in Roswell New Mexico?'

The CSM drags on his cigarette keeping his face expressionless.

CSM: 'Roswell?'

Miles: 'The co-ordinates you had me look up the other day were for Roswell New Mexico Sir.'

CSM: 'Ah yes... some new equipment is being tested that's all. It's no secret, I was going to send some observers that's all. Is that all, Agent?'

Miles looks uncomfortable.

CSM: 'Is there a problem?'

Miles: 'No Sir, no problem at all - and thank you.'

Miles leaves the office. As he does the CSM picks up the phone.

CSM: 'Ah Marion, can you put me through to the British embassy please?'

He flicks through the papers Miles has given him as he waits.

CSM: 'Yes. Alain Crowely please... Alain we have a problem. It seems we have been discovered... it's come from your end I think, someone has spoken to an Agent here... no I don't, he wouldn't say... no I don't think he suspects me... oh you do... well follow her... we'll eliminate them if they get too close... you do that... goodbye Alain.'

Miles walks away from the door, he stops, turns around and heads back to the office. His hand is on the door knob when he hears the words 'we'll eliminate them if they get to close' and 'goodbye Alain'. He turns and walks quickly away. Back in his own office he picks up the phone, thinks better of it and puts it down again.

Miles: 'Hey Miller'

The other man looks up. It is the modern day Mulder.

Miles: 'Cover for me will you? If Mr Spender wants to know where I am tell him I'm in a meeting, in the basement, anything. You don't know where I am, got it?'

Miller: 'Ok I got it! Has it got anything to do with that woman you met last night?'

Miles: 'It's got everything to do with that woman I met last night.'

Miles raises his eyebrows and grins, Miller gets the wrong idea and smiles back.

Miller: 'Oh I get it. Ok, my lips are sealed.'


The scene changes to Miles in a call box.

Miles: 'Yeah, can you connect me to 555 1013 please?'

Operater 'Connecting you now caller.'

Rose: 'Hello, transcription room.'

Miles: 'Rose?'

Rose: 'Yes, Miles is that you?'

Miles: 'Yeah, can you talk?'

Rose: 'Yes, what's the matter?'

Miles: 'We're in trouble. My boss is in on this, I'm sure of it. I heard him on the phone to some guy called Alain. Didn't you have some suspicions about this guy?'

Rose: 'Yes, but...'

Miles: 'Look, you've got to get out of there!'

Rose: 'I can't. He's got me typing Russian transcripts and they've got to be done by noon.'

Miles: 'What's in the transcripts?'

Rose: 'I don't know, they're in Russian. I'm trying to translate as I go but it's not easy.'

Miles: 'What do they say?'

Rose: 'So far they're talking about this vaccine and a place called Roswell. At least I think so, I'm piecing this together slowly.'

Miles: 'Can you bring it with you?'

Rose: 'No, but I am making a copy.'

Miles: 'You have got to get out!'

Rose: 'I can't. I've got to stay here until this is done.'

Miles: 'I'll get you out. When you see me just play along. Never mind the translation, just copy what you can and bring it with you. I'll be with you in an hour.'

Rose: 'Ok!'

Miles: 'Remember, trust no one. Your life depends on it.'

He hangs up and looks around him. He walks back to the bureau.


The scene changes to the British embassy. Rose stares at the phone. She shivers, gets up, puts the small Russian dictionary in her pocket and carries on typing.


The scene changes back to the FBI

Miles opens his office door. Miller looks up at him.

Miller: 'That was quick.'

Miles: 'Has anyone been looking for me?'

Miller: 'No, what are you up to?'

Miles looks at him, a troubled look on his face. Miller sees this.

Miller: 'What's the problem?'

Miles: 'How long have you been here?'

Miller: 'About five years. Why?'

Miles: 'What I'm about to tell you goes no further. Understand?'

Miller nods.

Miles: 'There's a commie spy in the bureau. He knows that I know who he is and he's out to get me.'

Miller looks horrified.

Miller: 'A commie, here! Who is it?'

Miles: 'I can't tell you. Your life would be in danger as well as mine. I do need your help, however. I need to get my contact out of the British Embassy.'

Miller: 'How?'

Miles: 'We're going to arrest her!'

Miller: 'What for?'

Miles: 'Spying of course. It'll throw suspicion off her.'

Miles and Miller leave the office.


The scene changes back to the embassy. Rose leaves her office and goes to the Ladies where she hides the transcript in her stocking top. She leaves and goes back to her office. Alain Crowely opens his door and comes out to speak to her.

Alain: 'How's it coming on?'

Rose: 'I've nearly finished.'

Alain: 'Why don't you have lunch with me, to say thank you for doing this at such short notice?'

Rose looks worried as she remembers Miles' words 'Trust No One'.

Rose: 'Erm... thank you, but I promised Diana I'd tell her about last night.'

Alain looks disappointed. Both turn and look at the door as Diana is heard shouting outside.

Diana: 'Look you can't just come barging in here like this.'

Miles: 'Yes I can Lady. We're from the FBI.'

The door opens. Diana looks like she's been physically pushed aside in the process.

Diana: 'Lady!! I'll give you Lady, asshole.'

Alain: 'What's going on here/'

Miles: (to Rose) 'You Rose Scott?'

Rose: 'Yes. What is this all about?'

Miles: 'We're from the FBI. We'd like to ask you a few questions.'

Rose: 'About what exactly?'

Miles: 'We'll talk about it later.'

Alain: 'If Miss Scott is being accused of something, we have a right to know.'

Miles winks at Rose.

Miles: 'Ok. Your boss thinks that someone here is a spy. We're going to speak to all of you but, for now, we want to ask Miss Scott some questions.'

Alain and Diana: 'A spy!!!'

Diana: 'Rose a spy? Don't be ridiculous!'

Miles grabs Rose's arm and starts to lead her to the door. She grabs her coat on the way. Diana blocks the door.

Diana: 'You can't arrest her. She's a British subject. You'll have to notify the Ambassador.'

Miles: 'Well, you go and do that. Miller, get her out of my way.'

Miller grabs her arm to move her. Diana slaps him. He grabs both arms and wrestles her out of the way.

Miller: 'Don't play rough with me honey, you'll lose.'

Diana: (angry) 'Honey!! HONEY!!! Just you wait 'till I get my hands on you, asshole.'

Miller: 'Yeah, yeah. You'll teach me a lesson, lucky me.'

Diana: 'In your dreams! Are you just going to stand there Ratboy? DO SOMETHING YOU IDIOT!!!!'

Alain: 'Oh... yes of course. I'll go and inform the Ambassador. Don't worry Rose, I'll get this sorted out for you.'

Diana gives an exclamation of disgust.

Diana: 'Don't trust him Rose. Don't worry, they won't get away with this.'

Miller lets go of Diana and brushes himself down. He grins at her.

Miller: 'Thanks Honey. Anytime you want a rematch you know where to find me.'

Diana raises her hand to slap him again, he ducks and leaves. Rose maintains the pretence protesting her innocence until they reach the door.

Rose: 'Oh my God. I don't believe we got away with that.'

A thought strikes her.

Diana: 'What happens if the Ambassador starts asking questions?'

Miles: 'Don't worry about anything. First of all we've got to get back to the bureau and figure out what to do next from there.'

Rose: 'Will we be safe?'

Miles: 'Sure. We'll keep up the pretence that you're being questioned about spy allegations.'

Rose: 'Is that wise? About the spy thing I mean. If they know you suspect someone of spying isn't it going to be difficult to catch them now? They might be more careful or stop altogether.'

Miles: 'Always plant a lie inside the truth - makes it easier to believe. If Alain thinks we suspect you he might become complacent. Anyway, arresting you has given me an excuse to search the Embassy.'

Rose still looks worried.

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