Photo Competition Finalist: Waterfront

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Pelicans on the riverbank in front of soaring skyscrapers.
A view of South Perth, Western Australia, by Juan-Carlos Rodriguez, London.

Carlos told us:

I had just arrived in Australia a day or two before and was exploring the surrounding areas when I spotted the pelicans sitting on the edge of Swan River. I had to crawl a bit on my stomach to get close enough as I only had a 35mm lens. As soon as the photo has been taken, the pelicans left so I was really quite lucky.

Juxtapositions of all kinds can be so effective - however, we have here the contrast of a rather harsh city landscape with a 'comedy bird', the pelican. Well several of them in fact - and did you know that the collective noun for pelicans is a 'pod', or a 'scoop'? Even better...

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