Photo Competition Finalist: Sunset over the Ebro Delta

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A fiery sunset
A Sunset over the Ebro Delta, by Pete Brown of Shropshire.

This is what Pete had to say:

The photograph was taken in January 2004 in the Ebro Delta region of Catalonia, Spain. The Ebro Delta is the largest stretch of wetland in Catalonia, and the second most important aquatic environment in the Western Mediterranean; it is also an important breeding ground for birds, and a stopping place for migrant birds. Added to this, the region is home to many human settlements, many of which still practice traditional methods of farming and hunting, both of which serve to provide a habitat for the fauna, and also keep in check any dominant species.

Any sunset that combines the beautiful colours of a dramatic dusk with the reflective properties of water is more or less guaranteed to make a beautiful picture, but the richness and vibrancy of the colours of this particular shot took our breath away. Quite simply, this was perhaps the most spectacular photograph that we received out of the hundreds of entries, so we felt that for stunning beauty alone it deserved a place in the Top 10.

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