Photo Competition Finalist: The Cat

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A close-up of a cat's nose
Dizzy's nose, by Wayne Putterill, Pontypridd.

Wayne writes:

I was taking photos with a macro lens (insects, flowers etc.) and one of our cats (Dizzy) was very curious. I held the camera up to him and he started sniffing the camera, which is when I took the shot. I thought of sending that shot in as it always cheers me up, and if I was going to save anything from Earth it would be the things that make me happy.

We're not really cat people on the h2g2 team, so you might wonder why this feline's nasal cavity, above all others, should be spared from those Vogon types. We thought it was a great personality shot and loved the graphic detail, as well as the angle at which the picture was taken. We hope this cat will be turning up his/her nose at humans for many years to come.

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