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Paul is dead?

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The conversation about the voice print was very interesting, however, I have never seen that evidence. Even if the voice prints were different, I wonder how accurate the test is when it comes to singing, and what the test samples were. Paul is known to sing in a variety of ways from very smooth sounds like in "Here, There and Everywhere" to a very jagged "Helter Skelter" and "Oh Darling." Also there was a Paul McCartney look alike contest that was held. The winner being William Cambell. However, there was no need to keep it a secret because there was no death rumor at the time. I think time shouldn't be spent trying to decide whether or not Paul is dead. Because surely a mere look-alike contest winner was not the driving force for much of the Beatles work in the later years. However, I feel that time should be spent trying to figure out if the Beatles actually did intentionally place clues towards a fake death of Paul. The Beatle's were known pranksters and were very accustomed to symbolism and imagery.

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Paul is dead?

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