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Paul is a dead man, miss him miss him

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Not a chance in hell to be honest. This is not a conspiracy with some truth like JFK where there is too much other evidence for the official version to be the complete truth.

Lets be honest, the Beatles were 4 ordinary lads with a sense of humour. That was why they were so successful, because they could laugh at themselves and make a joke of a situation. Firstly, could something like this have been covered up for 36 years? Seems unlikely considering the likes of Nixon, the Royals and Bill Clinton who have and had considerably more influence haven't managed to keep themselves out of trouble. If an ambulance was called then there would have been a coroners inquest, who certainly wouldn't have hushed it up, and desposing of McCartney's body would have risked whomever to charges of murder, manslaughter and perverting the course of justice.

Secondly, if he was dead, how would you hold a worldwide hunt for a McCartney look and sound-a-like while keeping secrecy? Billy Shears, whoever he is, would have figured something was to do before he won the competition. Imagine a sign saying "McCartney impersonation contest, must be kept secret or you will lose. Winner guaranteed fame and fortune." Not a chance.

Thirdly, all the backwards stuff was definately recorded in the order that was said. Even the ramblings are only tenuous when played backwards. Also, how could Billy Shears have gotten the voice so accurate. McCartney had a distinctive voice that carries on today - if it wasn't the real one, why hasn't a CIA or MI5 analyst compared a McCartney and "Shears" track, they could make a fortune on proving McCartney is dead.

Having Billy Shears undergo plastic surgery then take close-ups of him would have been risky. Plastic surgery was only in its infancy in the 60s. Even today, its not fool-proof as Michael Jackson's nose (and other bits allegedly) will testify.

Its a nice little conspiracy to go along with. It was like with Britney Spears a couple of years ago (who was alleged to have killed, coincidentally, in a car accident) someone probably made it up for a wind-up with their mates, the Beatles heard about it and then it carried it on till they got bored and more into their solo stuff. It may have been the Beatles who started the Paul is dead rumours just because they could.

One last thought though, when the Beatles played on the roof, McCartney (or Shears if you believe it still) took the bus to Saville Row and no-one recognised him. Not because the plastic surgery was fantastic, but because he had a beard. Maybe this was proof that McCartney was really dead because Jesus has a beard by tradition.

Or maybe not and people should just get a life.

Paul is a dead man, miss him miss him

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Jeez! take it seriously why don't you! Not even Paul himself cares about it as much as you do!

Paul is a dead man, miss him miss him

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hey! I'm a beatle person since I was 7 and right now I'm 14 and I'm still a huge beatle fan. I love smiley - loveblushPaul McCartney and I think he rockz out loud but I don't "miss him, miss him, miss him", because he is alive and all the clues within the albums are just a kind of publicity that they got because of this Rock "N" Rol myth. Let's be honest, a lot of people bought their albums in 1969 because of this theory, and I don't know if it is a well thought out plan or just a way to get more money. John Lennon, Paul McCartney,George Harrison and Ringo Starr are the best and the best part is that I can die in peace because I met Paul McCartney in 2000 when he came to Houston, Texas.smiley - biggrinsmiley - magicsmiley - cool

Paul is a dead man, miss him miss him

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I don't take it seriously, but a lot of people did in the 1960s. I'm not sure why...

I'm jealous you got to actually meet Paul - I've seen him live, but not actually met. Tell us more, Takitosrock!


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