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Paul is dead?

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The original source for the theory came from 'Life' magazine and the issue (Oh how I wish I'd kept it!!) contained much more empirical evidence, such as the voice print, a voice print is as unique as a fingerprint, and it was shown that the voiceprint of Paul's voice taken from tracks at the time of the article was different from the 'pre-death' tracks.

The Beatles had a sense of humour that was likely to result in 'clues' to play along with the theory, so all of the lyric and album clues are suspect, but not the voice print clue (if it was geniune)

Paul is dead?

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It has been shown recently that fingerprints are not as unique as first thought. Could it be possible that voice prints are going to end up the same and not be unique.

Other than that, the arguements for an against Sir Paul being an imposter are very compelling.

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