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Do you want to make your world a better place? Would you like to see the best of any situation? If so, you need to know the secret of 'Perview'.

What is Perview?

Perview is a recently rediscovered art thought to have orginated in Broadstairs. While it can take many years to master, it is essentially a very straightforward technique for visualising any situation through a perverted mind-lense.

It works thusly:

  1. Analyse the situation
  2. Imagine it as on orgy
  3. Perv



The Traffic Jam

Analyse the traffic jam, and the participants thereof, then use your mind-lense to picture them participating in a big, al-freso orgy.

The Job Interview

Analyse the panel and use your mind-lense to picture them engaged in an office-based orgy, possibly using your experience of office Christmas parties to enhance your mind-lense's abilities.

The Football Match

Analyse the players and the crowd then, using you mind-lense, picture the lot of them having a 20,000 strong, stadium based orgy. Try not to focus on the balls for they can be distracting.

Enjoy life!

You will soon see that mastery of your mind-lense and the technique of Perview will enhance your life no end.

Right, I'm off to buy shares in Kleenex.

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