The Case of the Housebound Fog - Episode 4

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Featuring: Inspector Gasgonnoff Isnoton

Episode Four: Inspector Gasgonnoff Searches for Answers

The year is now a quarter past three and strolling out of the bunker on all fours and while standing on one leg for a better view. But he'd run out of ideas, so I got in a car and drove off.

Not knowing the cliff was there (or anyone called Cliff, if it came to that), I thought, 'I recognize this feeling.' I was right! It was pain! I, Inspector Gasgonnoff, was right again. How could I solve the world's greatest crimes while they kept me in that long-sleeved white coat? Plus, I did not like the flock wallpaper. It was a very thick flock, like cushions stuck on the wall.

But now I set off hot on the trail. Oh! Just remembered, the car and myself are on fire! My training says that the sea can be of use to put out fires!

Now to the case in hand: but not having a briefcase left me wondering. At my hotel, they were always trying to fool me by all wearing white coats. I knew that someone had booked me in there, the question is: —

Who is paying the bill? I had to find the management and question them closely — because farly, they would not hear me! So now I would wait for the night to fall. Should be easy, having laid the trip wire across its path.

I had loads of suspects, but nothing concrete, which was funny, because the white coats had talked about getting me a pair of shoes made out of it? Must have been a birthday gift? I can't remember my birthday; I was too young at the time.

Dawn broke. Who broke her, and was she a suspect? I made notes, but alas, Doh Ray Mi left me confused.

Then I saw my way into the hotel in secret. An ambulance was coming up the road. Now, I'd noticed that over the time I was in the hotel, there must have been a lot of accidents, because the ambulance was always calling.

Anyway! As it slowed for the bend, I leapt for the rear door and held on tight. The gravel was a bit rough, but my superior training of constantly repeating 'It does not hurt' meant that the only thing to worry about was the loss of blood. A few more yards and we were there. I could now slip in through the back door. I needed a disguise! And there, on hangers, were loads of white coats and smocks. One even had my name on it. I recognized it, because I had had it on yesterday!

Now, if I disguise myself as me! I could walk around and no one would take a second glance. It was foolproof, because they think I'm still in the hotel room upstairs.

Heading towards the manager's office, I overheard two waiters talking about upping the medication they were giving me — I didn't know I was poorly. At this they grabbed me, asking, 'How have you got out?' I sternly replied that I haven't got out, I'm still in the room and I'm not me who you think I am. When we got to my room, I soon noticed that I was not there!

So! This was another puzzle added to the case. How had I got out?

Where was I?

I could not give away my disguise. It might come in handy again. I will have to work this one out — *yawn* — after I have a little rest. Being the world's greatest police inspector, they need me out there to fight crime. Will I come back to get me out?

I need the fresh air....

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