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The Battle of Kingdom's End

My throat aches

I drank hemlock from a jar.

The kingdom lay open and vacant

Friends! music bitter blinded my vision.

Where have you hidden my crown of thorns?

Where is my bow and arrow?

When evil spirits conspire a battle

Hear the sound of circling winds,

They gather round the city walls

Spiralling upwards like a conical spin.

Signs of evil brewed by the witches

To destroy peace in the palace.

They stole my love,

They plucked my rose,

They killed my horses.

Here I sit under a Banyan tree,

Thousands of years old.

Its roots have grown strong and deep.

Draws water from the great ocean

Neptune, blue and calm, harrowing tides

Spill over and churn all waters of the planet.

Rocks tumble, volcanoes erupt and animals scream.

All things fear the loss of goodness.

Till she descends in her golden chariot

Guarded by the mountain lion:

Fights the battle of kingdom's end,

Fierce fiery unfathomed by scientific mind

Of poor ministers of high nobility,

Who ate our pie and festered politics

And drove us out in the wilting heat.

Stabbed mutilated they lay on the highway

The goddess destroyed their evil spirits.

After years of sorrow the land is restored,

Sunflowers, marigolds and dahlias sing

The song of piety and love.

And musing on these lines

The goddess smiles as she chariots far above.

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