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You never really know what's around the corner until you go completely around the


They1 do say

that moving home is one of the most spine chillingly unnerving things you can ever do in your life

time. Certainly up there in the same category as getting a dinner invitation for Hannibal

Lecter2, and almost as bad as finding out that the bad smell you had been blaming on

everyone else for the day turns out to be coming from your feet. A fact that you somehow completely

over looked but by the knowing glares on all your friends and work colleagues faces they


I am having to move because my significant other, Stooby the Mole3 has been given a promotion at work

and is relocating elsewhere. Not far but just out of easy commuting reach, and so we have to

uproot and move closer and I am finding it to be somewhat stressful4.

Saying that, the Lair was placed on the market last Thursday, and today (Wednesday) we have

had two offers, both for the same amount, within minutes of each other. No doubt the home of an

Internet Celebrity such as myself caused quite a stir in the Real World, and that is what prompted

the offers. So I suppose we will have to grab the bull by the unmentionables and make a decision,

oh the pain, the paaiiiin!!!

Other news of a cat5 nature is that

my good friends Mr and Mrs Krib are the proud parents of upwards of forty little Kribensis. Yes,

one of my fish tanks is far fuller than it used to be, even though we were promised on pain of death

that for Kribensis6 to breed you need

far softer water quality than in our tanks. So much for the so called expert advice!!! As I said,

Mr and Mrs Krib are very proud parents and are defending and tending their young with a zeal

little seen nowadays it's really quite charming. Though at times a little alarming as they appear to be eating their own children, when in reality they are just collecting the little stray lambs and

placing (spitting actually) them back with their little brothers and sisters. Everyone together...


Oh and for those that always ask, you know who you are... If you would like to meet Kolin the

Long Sutton Terrier
, you can now find her on her own web page, just follow the above link. There's pictures and

everything, and it's quite safe as long as you turn the smellyvision button to the off position.


That's all folks!!!


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1They being the people who are always in the know.2If this is not how you spell it, then it must be spelt some other

3I have been

reliably informed that he is not a hairy boil.

of the century.
5Actually it's a bit fishy really.6A type of fish called a Cichlid.

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