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Lines Composed On A Wet Bank

Broken heart needs a daisy

To heal the pain of wear and tear,

Scars, scratches and burn out ends

Of loves cruel promise.

Once there was a garden

Where peacocks danced

Just before a cool gust of Northern rains,

And flowers sprung their petals

Laden with pollen grains and damusk perfumes.

Sandalwood rosewood chestnut flanks are

Gathered by the damsel who milked the cows.

Music of the enchanter's flute filled the air:

A vibrato of cosmic elegy cut deep in human hearts.

Krishna played cross-legged with dancing Gopis

And the bamboo trees bend their stalks to make the bower.

Radha sat beside like a nymph coy and shy,

Her face all crimson contemplating love

Tidal feelings unknown mystic and lunar

And passionate like the fire in the sun,

That burns desires to mere ashes

And clouds hung low drop tears to wash them.

It cools off the air with a breeze of lotus leaves.

That love is eternal...

But when you've left me alone,

I turned sideways into the garden corner.

Weeds have grown where Jasmines bloomed

And stones heap the meandering watering hole.

This vernal existence is utterly meaningless

Life without you has choked me off its delights.

Darkness came down earlier than expected

And filled my empty lines composed on a wet bank.

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