The Parable of the Lost Shepherd (UG)

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Then Jesus told them this parable:
Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and he goes and loses himself. Does he not find that the sheep take several hours to notice? And does he not find that they bleat aimlessly for some time when they discover him gone? However, he then discovers that they spread out over the open country, ignoring the other ninety-nine shepherds they see along the way, and will not return to their pen until they have found him. And when they find him, they joyfully put him upon their woollen backs and with much bleating and bumping into one another, they carry him home. Then they call the goats and the cows and say 'Baa', which roughly translates as 'Rejoice with us, for we have found our lost shepherd.' And the shepherd will undoubtedly be overjoyed also and will celebrate with a meal of roast lamb.

Based on the parable of the lost sheep from Luke 15 v 3-7 or Matthew 18 v 10-14, and all because someone mis-remembered the name of the parable...

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