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Shim's Bluebottle
I will give just some quotes

Posted Sep 14, 1999 by Jim Lynn

Well, since anyone can put any IMG tag they want into their homepages, it's not difficult to use any of our graphics there - the whole point of Shim's blue fish is that only he can use it in forums. As you will have discovered.

Posted Sep 14, 1999 by Shim

I really don't understand why people are having so much trouble getting their heads around the remarkably simple fact THAT NOBODY ELSE CAN USE THE BLUE FISH IN THE FORUMS.

smiley - fish

Posted Sep 14, 1999 by Jim Lynn


It can't be done. The code which displays the forum postings converts the > < > combination into an IMG tag. For everyone else, it displays an orange fish, but if the post comes from Shim it displays a blue fish.

Shim types in exactly the same thing as everybody else.

So you can't do it. Really.

Even I can't - smiley - fish - see?

One thing shim will not use many other smilies


Posted Apr 14, 2000 by Shim


smiley - fish

smiley - winkeye

A Happy Limerick

Posted Jan 21, 2000 by Shim

Enough already.

Now go to bed.

You're still a minor.

smiley - winkeye

smiley - fish

some occasions of two smilies

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