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h2g2. Hootoo. HHGTTG. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The Guide. Whatever one calls it, one cannot deny the astounding impact it has had on thousands of people's lives. I myself proudly wear the badge of an h2g2 addict. Not an actual badge, mind you - but a proverbial badge, which is the best kind of badge.

The main concept for h2g2 - once you stop to think about it - is an astoundingly bright idea. One place - one site - one goal to unite folks from all over the globe to do one single solitary job: find out stuff. Yes, that's pretty much all we've set out to do, and while we've had oodles of fun along the way, it really is a simple task.

For those of you (such as myself) who have not graced the actual Edited Guide with an actual... oh... Edited Entry... per se, FEAR NOT! For h2g2 is not JUST a place where the scouts dig you out of some recessive hole, mold and shape your work, and display it for all the world to see! (Though it would be nice smiley - smiley) h2g2 has become a thriving metropolis for some pretty amazing groups as well. Take for instance the Thingites. Undoubtedly the longest lasting, most popular, fastest growing group of all of h2g2, and it has absolutely nothing to DO with the guide itself! How utterly BEAUTIFUL!! *tear*

But enough rambling. My whole point was to tell you just exactly what h2g2 has meant for ME, Darth Zaphod, DZ, the Deez mastah herself. I found h2g2 two July's ago, and it wasn't until after I joined that I realized what a horribly time-consuming task I'd given myself. Not that it's a bad thing, in any way smiley - winkeye My niche, my hole, my place, my people, my playground. My Chauncey and I founded the ever-popular Random Quotes Guild, 130 members strong, and I have found myself to be a rather important and influencial character on h2g2. I'm needed. Necessary. Welcome. Liked. And, most importantly, understood. I say character, of course, because I do not play Katie Sisneros, 17 year old from Gothenburg, Nebaraska, USA on h2g2 - I play Darth Zaphod - crazy zany wacky researcher! My column - though I've taken a break - In Other Words was undoubtedly the greatest thing I've ever done. The comments other h2g2'ers left me about my work were some of the most wonderful things I've ever heard. I owe Shazz and Greebo a bunch smiley - smiley Uh oh... I'm still rambling. Oh well!

Probably the most exciting and rewarding aspect of hootoo is the amazing people you meet. I've made countless friends here - far more than I've made in real life, mind you - and consider every last one of them to be a valuable friend. ~jwf~ has always been there for me, Shazz gave me my start, Atari is a fellow young researcher, Greebo is always there to offer donuts1, and the list just goes on and on and on... Not to mention my significant other, the ever-evil Skullock, who I first talked to right here on h2g2!

I told Greebs that I wanted to write a word of praise for h2g2, and it didn't hit me until after the deadline that I had promised to do so. Now, if I had continued in normal DZ fashion, I would have said 'oops, forgot the deadline' and forgotten about it. Alas, this time, I felt it was my civic duty to tell you all what an amazing impact being an h2g2 researcher has had on my existence. I apologize for the inherent rambling of this article, but sometimes, with some topics, you just gotta let it flow smiley - smiley. I am Darth Zaphod. Disgruntled Shaver of Hairy Dragons in the Thingite Clan, Co-Founder of the Random Quotes Guild, Post Team Member, Sporkite, ACE, Daughter of Lady Scott, Skeptic, Procrastinator, Musician, Philosopher, Young Researcher, Moo Game veteran, Royal Head Patter of Kingdom Balwyniti, Patron Saint of Dragons, Vogon, and Ultra Smartly Intelligent Child. I am DZ the magnificent. On h2g2, I am absolutely whatever I want to be. And that, above all else - above the Edited Entries, above The Post, above the clubs - is what makes hootoo the most magnificent, wonderful, exciting place in the entire universe. I am now and forever will be one of the proudest h2g2 researchers around. Thanks, Mr Adams.

Your Little h2g2'er,

Darth Zaphod smiley - planet

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1Greebo is always there to *eat* donuts I think... edsmiley - winkeye

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