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HOW TO START,smiley - huh mmmmh, I know I'll start here, yep here goes:- I'm a YORKSHIREMAN smiley - peacesign born 'n' bred, 64yrs at last count(or 27 to strangers), still live in the county.My home is in the birth place of the LIQUORICE CAKE.
I'm a (divorced-1992) man and smiley - biggrin happy smiley - biggrin. I'm a single parent, from 92', bringing up my two children, who are a boy now 28, and a girl now 27 smiley - lovethem both dearly - both have their own places now

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Pontefract's name originates in the Latin Pontus Fractus, "Broken Bridge". The town is situated on an old Roman Road (now the A639), described as the "Roman Ridge", which passes south towards Doncaster. Although Pontefract itself does not appear in the Domesday book,an area of the town, known as Tanshelf, does.
Pontefract Castle dates from Norman times, when it was known as Pomfret. It was built, about 1070 by Ilbert de Lacy. King Richard II was murdered within the castle walls in 1400.
William Shakespeare’s play Richard III mentions this incident:

Pomfret, Pomfret! O thou bloody prison,
Fatal and ominous to noble peers!
Within the guilty closure of thy walls
Richard the second here was hack'd to death;
And, for more slander to thy dismal seat,
We give thee up our guiltless blood to drink.

Pontefract suffered throughout the English Civil War. The castle was noted by Oliver Cromwell as "[...] one of the strongest inland garrisons in the kingdom." However, three sieges by the Parliamentarians left the town impoverished and depopulated. After the end of the Third Siege (24th March 1649), Pontefract inhabitants, fearing a fourth, petitioned Parliament for the castle to be demolished. In their view, the castle was a magnet for trouble. On 5th April 1649, demolition began; although efforts were extensive, the crumbling sandstone ruins of the castle remain today and may be visited.


Upon my death,I have donated my body to Leeds University smiley - dontpanic I've had a laugh with it, might as well carry on after I'm dead. If my body can help doctors learn more about THORACIC SCLEROSIS more the better.

A Yorkshireman's Motto.

Hear all, See all, Say nowt,
Eat all, Sup all, Pay nowt.
An' if ivver tha does owt for nowt!
Do it for thissen.

The Yorkshire Coat of Arms

A Flea, A Fly, A Magpie, an' Bacon Flitch

Ist' Yorkshiremans Coit of Arms

And t'reason they've chozzen these things so rich
Is becoss they hav'all speshal charms.
A Flea will bite whoivver it can-- An soa, my lads, will a Yorkshireman!
A Fly will sup with Dick, Tom or Dan An' soa, by gow! will a Yorkshireman!
A Magpie can talk for a terrible span -- An' soa an all, can a Yorkshireman.
A Flitch is no gooid whol its hung, ye'll agree No more is a Yorkshireman, don't ye see..

Born 'n' Bred in Yorkshire - an' proud on'it!

Some fowk reckon we're a bit rude in Yorkshire. A good clout rarn't lug'ole'll soon teach em better. We speak as we find.If we don't like what we find, then you can hardly blame us for pointing it out. Someone has to do it..

Nobodies perfect, but! if your a YORKSHIREMAN/WOMAN then your the nearest thing to it!

[You can ask,but!can he answer]??.........Born n bred in Yorkshire an proud on it...............Tha can alus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha can't tell im much..............

Case of the House Bound Fog - 5 episodes (press here)

Lil aka
smiley - biggrinA lady in a bath.smiley - whistle
Auntie Giggles

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And if you have noticed the NOTICE in 'my journal', please don't bring it to my notice, but by all means bring it to notice of others in case they haven't noticed the notice, that you indeed have noticed.So you would be doing a service, informing them of the notice,but I noticed the notice as I was writing the notice.I also bring to your notice, that there is now a notice II to notice, which is unlike the first notice you noticed. Unless, you noticed notice II firstThanks
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There are more people dying today, that's never died beforesmiley -

Click my name, for my namesake! smiley - biggrinPROF ANIMAL CHAOS

- Prof Animal Chaos 8TH In The Yikes 100,000 Post Game -
Yorkshire Rules
I Am Prof Animal C.E.Idiot of H2G2 whoever is looking at this page will see their name here


isn't demanding or dictating what your friends should say or do.

It is giving and gratefully accepting.

It can survive periods of little communication, cause there is love
and affection and many a shared thought and experience.

It does not deceive, it can't be bought.

It warms your heart and your soul.
Sometimes it causes others to
watch with envy,
because they don't know the concept of true
It cannot be destroyed by those tiny
(Copied/Quoted from a

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