IPR Presents: Should the deaf read Playboy in Braille?, or...

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IPR Presents: The boy who invented
the Head Iron

Life is a series of dreams and surprises.

Our next person is someone who has been able to mix the two in an often

shocking manner that boggles the normal mind. Scientists, economists and spiritual

leaders alike have been amazed at this young man's accomplishments.

So, let me introduce...

Eh? Psst!

What is it, Eric?

Um. He's not here.


Instead, we have the esteemed author of the award-fending...

Hey? Are you trying to do an intro? That's my job. Who's side are you on? Gimme the intro and I'll read it.

It's not on paper. It's in my head. I'm trying to keep from forgetting it.

Where did you get it from?

A phone message.

Where's the new guest?

On her way.

What's she known for?

As I was trying to tell you, she is...

What's her name?

Uh... Now, you've made me forget!

Pooh! What do you know about her?

She... is... the award-fending author of "I know the caged budgie dreams of a file in it's seed cake", a book of...


Um, no. Pottery.

You must have heard that wrong.


You seem awfully sure for someone who can't remember her name.

I can't remember your name.

Ah. See that you keep it that way.

And, she has twice won the Tour De Pants...


It's a scavenger hunt looking for knickers of a certain color, using customs guard mirrors and Polaroid cameras...

That's disgusting!

Um. Sorry.

Just for informational purposes, where does one sign up for...

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