Bob Stafford the first 25 entries.

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This is my collection my first collection to be placed here and is my first 25 entries.

A12737487 A History Of Black Powder Guns. 1/9/06 My first solo entry. 3184
A14116646 Oliver Cromwell Whats In A Name. Pick of the day. 894
A14066444 Magna Carta. Pick of the day.2839
A14137733 Portchester Castle. Pick of the day. 2359
A14031910 17th Century Flags. 1437
A14113829 Parliamentary Generals in the 1640s: The Commander The Earl Of Essex. 1283
A13911806 Parliamentary Generals in the 1640s: Sir John Merrick. 1212
A14535263 Parliamentary Generals in the 1640s: Earl of Stamford. 2220
A17451047 The History of English Black Powder and Gunpowder. 3126
A18188977 Henge Monuments. Pick of the day. 969
A18154857 The Curtain Wall; A Castle's First Line Of Defence. Pick of the day. 1588
A18152354 H2G2 University 1. British Burial Barrows: Introduction. 1532
A18152354 H2G2 University 2. British Burial Barrows: The Cultures. 1534
A18021197 H2G2 University 3. British Burial Barrows: Pond and Saucer Barrows. 676
A18065982 H2G2 University 4. British Burial Barrows: Bowl Barrows. 618
A18066044 H2G2 University 5. British Burial Barrows: Bell Barrows. 629
A18066116 H2G2 University 6. British Burial Barrows: Disc Barrows. 748
A18066152 H2G2 University 7. British Burial Barrows: Viking And Saxon Boat And Barrow Burials. 1279
A20961164 H2G2 Challange 1. The Peasants Revolt The Shadow Of 1381.2242
A21605320 The Life Of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. 4069
A21141541 English Chartered Markets: 1 The North. 2087
A13259234 Hire Purchase the Basics. 1651
A24369951 Watling Street - A Journey through Roman Britain.4347
A24591099 he Groma: The Tool That Built An Empire. 672
A20744822 The Method and Procedures of Nelson's Navy. 2476 PENDING

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Bob Stafford the first 25 entries.

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