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Entry: Oxford Bops - A2420984
Author: Zophiel - U653005

A2420984 - Oxford Bops

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Hi Zophiel

Congratulations on putting your first entry into PR. It's nicely written, and explains the thing well.

Some comments - you use the word College with a capital C. Most people will know what that is, but some will not. Maybe explain it in a footnote?

Do you know when the first 'bops' started? If so maybe put a bit of the history in?

Also, some links to other entries would be nice.


A2420984 - Oxford Bops

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Kerr_Avon - hunting stray apostrophes and gutting poorly parsed sentences

smiley - ok A fine start to an entry.

Couple of comments:

I agree some dates would come in handy.

I assume weeks 3 to 7 is exam time, but an explaination of this would be good.

"Actions and *aherm* interactions are carefully noted down by all those who know you, which in a Bop is probably pretty much everyone present."

This is a bit too informal for an EG entry, I think. Just taking out the *aherm* should do it- people will still understand what you mean.

"...of friends have to decide on which of the choice venues available is preferred."

"of friends have to decide on which of the choice follow-on venues available is preferred."

Would be a bit clearer.

What's a BGA?

Looking good though.

smiley - ale

A2420984 - Oxford Bops

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Uncle Heavy [sic]

i dont think youve really brought out how awful they are...we have in house DJs...who stop halfway through bohemian rhapsody so we can sing along. we have entz prepared 'cocktails', or no-brand vodka and blue liquid. we have a bunch of ugly scientist chumps who appear from the woodwork merely to let their hair down for these puny hoprrible dress-up occassions and to get drunk once a term, who then go and sing abuse at the next-door college before disappearing back under their rocks for another three weeks.

one recent bop was 'christmas number ones'. i went as a samurai pirate with stigmata. it cheered the occassion up immeasurably.

wadham apparently has good bops.

A2420984 - Oxford Bops

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Emily 'Twa Bui' Ultramarine

Wadham doesn't have that good bops. The dean of the college is all important in whether or not they're good, as they have a habit of getting annoyed at the noise and deciding to close them down early. This is happening at Wadham presently. Also happening at St Hugh's, who used to have great bops - especially their annual cross dressing bop. I tied my breasts down, leading to difficulty breathing and immense back pain for a week, but it was (almost) worth it...

A2420984 - Oxford Bops

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Well, the author appears to have gone missing on us. smiley - blue Do people think this thread is better suited to the Flea Market or to being moved back to the entry?

smiley - mouse

A2420984 - Oxford Bops

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Back to entry in my book.

A2420984 - Oxford Bops

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hmmm, I updated the entry...so it was done and dusted ages ago, no?
Pass. No matter.smiley - ok

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