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International Tibet Day, October 27

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The International Tibet Day is on October 27th, it is a day that many different churches and fellowships around the world will be discussing, praying for, lecturing on Tibet. I found out about this on a wonderful website called interfaithcall.com. I will be speaking a bit on Tibet, Burma, and Sudan,( three of the worst places on Earth for human rights) at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship here. This site is great, because not only does it inform, but there are very easy ways for you to help. What ovewrwhelms one about the sheer weight of the world is the feeling that we are just one small person in the face of a insurmountable amount of suffering. That is daunting, no?
That's not reality though. I used to think that way myself. The people who are working for a better world, are legion. So you see maybe one small person may not be able to save the planet, millions of average everyday humans can help alot!smiley - biggrin

International Tibet Day, October 27

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Hi there. Sorry for not responding sooner; I've not been around much lately, I'm afraid.

I hope your talk at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship went well. It's no small trick to be undaunted by all the nastiness that is taking place in the world, particularly in the face of leaders who insist that the best is being done, when quite clearly it isn't. But the alternative to talking some sort of action to improve the world is to accept as it is.

Julia Butterfly Hill states it beautifully:

'Our ability to change the world lies in our hands, minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits - committed in action. It's not only that we can make a difference, it's that we do make the difference. The kind of change we make is up to us.'

- One Makes the Difference

JTG smiley - smiley

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