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Started by Patrick, Words from the Heart and the entries related to it are all about putting your poetry in a place it deserves. I don't censore or judge the material, just add it in every time, as the writers add more on the threads. So far, we have the poetry of ***-GoThic Angel-*** on this page, and positivefreak, Patrick,DIABLOS, Archaris Kitten and Phoniex's on the linked entries. Anyone's welcome to read, enjoy and join!


Forever Crying

Rain washes Away pain,

like horses free and wild,

from the depths of my soul,

tormented and twisted,

the worlds forever crying.

when im blue its grey,

when im sad its blue,

like a battered child,

i listen,

the words are nothing,

but the world is forever crying,

i hear the birds,

sweet songs of life,

morbid thoughts,

from a open grave,

my mind,

and maybe im forever crying

Nothing's The Same

We live,

We die,

we work,

For nothing,

No credit,

To live this life in vain,

Till we no longer care,

sordid,filthy and wrong,

Our mothers

our fathers

so proud

of what?

a life lived in sin,

of worthless-ness

if we died would they care?




follow the leader,

How can we exsist,

when we are prodigys

of lifes

cruel game

Nothings ever the same

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