Now, my daughter, Shnooks,

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once upon a time read every book she could find at the library about, well, practically every science fiction or sic fic icon she could recognize. I didn't have a problem with that, particularly since she was only ten and reading four grades above her supposed grade reading level.

She ended up reading every Star Wars sideways universe book they had, plus a bunch of other sic fic that had similar covers.

Eventually she got tired of the sic fic and began reading the sic fant and sword fantasy and aromatic fantasy and whatever that other stuff is, incldiing thrillers, police procedurals, police fantasy, sic pol fant, and romantic police alternative historical furry philosophical treatises on the iconic Jungian value of burnt orange fur as opposed to bright orange fur in the bivalvic pursuit of ultimate fighter knowledge during a nail polish sale at Boots...

Did I leave my sandwich in the loo again?

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