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A tall dynamic and very tactical man, he became the Unions most respected General, Sherman led the forces advancing on Atlanta.

Born in Ohio and graduated from West Point in 1840, and joined the Artillery, he missed the Mexican war because he was posted to Carolina, when the civil war started Sherman was a Colonel of the 13th Infantry and commanded a Brigade at the first battle of Bull Run (Manassas), he became a Brigadier General of U.S. Volunteers in August 1861, eventually taking over the 5th Division of the Union Army of the Tennessee in early 1862.

Sherman fought very well, for this he was promoted to Maj. General U.S.V. In 1864, when Grant went East to take command of all the Union Army, Sherman was left to run much of the Western theatre, in Spring 1864 he was to begin he famous campaign to capture Atlanta, which fell in Sept 1864, he then two months later led 60,000 men on a force march to the sea, then turned North and drove his men up to the Carolina's coming to within 100 miles of Grants main Army in Virginia, when the civil war finished, Sherman stayed in the Army and became a full (4 star) General, and Commanding General of the U.S. Army in 1869.

Sherman remained a Soldier, fighting Indians and shunning politics, until his retirement in 1883. "If nominated I will not run", he told a Republican delegation urging him to run for the Presidency elections, "If elected I will not serve", he died during the winter of 1891, among the honored poll bearers who stood out side the church in the cold winter wind, was 82 year-old Gen Eggleston Johnston, when a friend warned Johnston that he may fall foul of the winter wind, Johnston replied, "If I was in Sherman's place and he were standing in my place, he would not put his hat on", Johnston died ten days later of Pneumonia.

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