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As Christmas is drawing near we may be reminded of the dark side of the world we live in. The charities are fully functional and collecting money for their good causes as fast as they can because they will either see a human who doesn't care, a human who 'already gave' or a human who empties his pocket right there on the spot.

I want to confess here that I have a personal favourite good charity and that's what I want to talk about : UNICEF. You've heard of it and if not : UNICEF is THE good charity for kids. That's right : children.
I admit it is one charity that does not pass by my door without my attention. If only to give a couple of bucks, you know : my 2 cents worth...

Now why you may ask would anyone who doesn't have any kids care about them ? This is where my self-interest kicks in.

I believe that only our next generations will be able to solve not only the problems that we have caused, but also the problems which are going to occur in the next millennium. Over-population, pollution, well you know, etcetera.

What we need is a new Einstein, maybe a political Einstein, maybe a new Messiah in the form of a new Einstein, or a Leonardo Da Vinci, any genius will do for me.

Now we all know that the more children get a good education,good healthcare etcetera,the more this will improve their chances of making it through their childhood.

So what inevitably follows it this : the more children survive, the bigger the chance of finding one day that our new Einstein has arrived.

Now I know that my donation to UNICEF,l how great or small it be, will not go to one child...But what if that little bit of extra food that that child somewehere in the world received made just the difference between life and death ? What if that kid turns out to be the One ?

Maybe the only thing that saved him was my 2 cents worth....

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


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