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Peer Review: A22451096 - Rhubarb

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Entry: Rhubarb - A22451096
Author: Eco Worrier - U290

Inspired by a journal entry and finding an unedited entry through Google (!), I've updated the Old Writing Team's entry - Rhubarb. A1251 Also including the content from the unedited entry (with permission) A1069364.

Peer Review: A22451096 - Rhubarb

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Sorry! That should have been the update forum. I've moved it now. smiley - sorry

Peer Review: A22451096 - Rhubarb

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BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

Hi Mina,

Interesting and useful Entry smiley - smiley

A couple of things:

The first time you mention oxalic acid is in this sentence,
'The calcium is of little benefit however, as the oxalic acid blocks its absorption'.

This gives the impression that we should already know about the oxalic acid. Perhaps a sentence earlier on sayinmg something about the leaves being poisonous due to the presence of oxalic acidsmiley - erm

There was a rewcipe in last week's Daily Mail 'Weekend' magazine for Welsh Rhubarb Cake, which is a specialty of the National Trust tearoom at Chirk Castle in the Welsh Marches. Maybe you can find some info on 'the net' about this, otherwise I'll send you the recipe. The article says that rhubarb has been grown at Chirk for 300 years.

There have been several mentions of rhubarb growing (in Essex, I think) on the BBC Countryfile programme in the past. Maybe you canpicfk u some more useful info from there smiley - erm As far as I ewcall, the rhubarb is grown in dark (blacked out) greenhouses, illuminated only by either candles or very low wattage bulbs I can't remember.


Peer Review: A22451096 - Rhubarb

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I'm not sure that picking out individual places where rhubarb is grown really suits the entry, and wouldn't the recipe be copyright? I have linked to an article about the 'rhubarb triangle' which is in West Yorkshire - could that be where you are thinking of?

I made the other changes, thank you. smiley - smiley

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