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Child Support agency

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When are they going to treat us as humans and not just a number on a file! We have small children with delicate minds that are suffering because of this long drawn out, complicated system! How long does it take to decide a father/mother should be paying some toward the cost of keeping alive the children they made! They should be made to start paying FIRST and THEN have circumstances looked at, if they're paying too much, a percentage can come off future payments! As it is...the main care-giver can wait years to see one single penny! It is ridiculous! My sister is about to lose her home, the home she built when finally she escaped a mentally abusive husband. And now through him not paying a penny she is to lose again because of him and he is enjoying it no end! All this while he buys himself a car and takes himself and his partner and her two kids away on holiday. It sickens me to the core i can't tell you

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Child Support agency

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