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Full Name: Existential Elevator ACE, Fallen Angel, Embassador to the Temple of Existentialism.

1+9+5+[6*4]+3= 42

Ich bin Kunst1......That's German for 'I am art' smiley -

Song of the week ~ "Peekaboo" Siouxie and the Banshees

An elevator
These rags

Don't tell the whole story

I live for the glory

Of tuning your head

Hello ! So nice to see you here...

A bit about me

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I am a big Hitchiker's/ Discworld/ Red Dwarf fan with a nasty tendancy towards Monty Python films, and a rather sick, twisted, dark sense of humour. I am a student somewhere in the south east of England.

Spacey rock chick with big bass guitar.

I am very open to conversations on religion/politics/ the latest developments in science/ moral isues etc

If anyone has any handy tips on ficton writing, please drop me a line! Thanks!

Apart from being more or less insane, in my spare time I try to teach myself piano, guitar, palmistry, graphology, I Ching and various other forms of divinitation, but not all at the same time. I collect musical instruments, for no paticular reason other than I like them. I have a rather bizarre interest in the supernatural.

For those of you who really think that dress or social grouping matters, I'm someting they haven't invented a name for yet3...smiley -

I am the proud owner of three cats who are equally, if not more, insane than me, called Ziggy, Cleo and Mia.

Due to many various complications you may contact me at both "[email protected]4" and "[email protected]" but I personally no longer trust the former, so you're probably better off trying the latter...

I'm also an ACE, so if you need any help at all, feel free to ask me or anyone else on the list smiley - biggrin


CHOPPERS! I'm an official superheroine!

The Vegetarian Society

Find me on the Red Dwarf Ship.

TV cameras featuring big, boggly eyes.

I am also a proud member of the Campaign for a qustion mark smiley here.

And now you may well find me lurking around here.

Visit me at the Temple.

Need an Agony Aunt? Don't hesitate to ask...

Do you hate conformity? Join the Freindly Rebellious Enigmas Against Konformity movement.

Addicted to word games?

Use the foce, Luke...

Keep seeing pink elephants?

Other Suff

Diagram showing binary stars

find out who could be spying on you!

Find out what religion most corresponds with you beliefs!

Find out how to understand your rabbit.

A poem for you

Rose  by DoctorMO

See, see the volatile sky

Marvel at its big purple depths

Tell me, do you

Wonder why the rat ignores you?

Why its foobly stare

makes you feel bleak.

I can tell you, it is

Worried by your squoozy facial growth

That looks like

A stale bread.

What's more, it knows

Your woggle potting shed

Smells of martians.

Everything under the big volatile sky

Asks why, why do you even bother?

You only charm socks.

From the very lovely Vogon poetry generator


I like: Music5, Art (conceptial), extreme fashion (none of that high street stuff), being creative, science, Euan Morton, Trigger Happy TV, Matt Lucas, reading (Varied. Mainly horror, fantasy, comedy and science fiction) and getting messages from random lurkers6

I dislike: Manufactured pop music (which seems to be everything nowadays), Eminem, the ordinary, mindless television and people who will judge others solely on looks.

Glittery eyelid

I'd feel guilty if I didn't have one...

Version: 1.1
RGB Y N+++ SB+ A++ P:++ L<++
M S++ V++ E-*>+ PR p>+ a++ B++(-)
TV++(-) r++ D* T?(-) nh?>+ C++>+++
m*>++ t
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

Get yours here.


Say Hello

I knew you needed a friend. I knew you needed some blue skies. You need some laughter again, 'til the magic returns to your blue eyes. You're lost in a circle of pain. Where's it all going?

Each day is the same, where are you going?

Say hello, say hello.... You're never alone

Nitin Sawhney, Say Hello

Go, on... Say hello!


A New Old page

Quote me

"Fruity, flavourful and well fermented with a heady aroma, the perfect thing for cold winter nights or a visit to an aging senile aunt who doesn't like tulips"

-- Temporal Bandit

"The only one around here that everyone thinks is a man... wait a minuite, I think I just insulted myself."

-- HPB

"A camp transvestite"

-- Pinwheel Pearl

"Bloody typical"

-- Diablos*

Unhelpful Links

My Old Page, here on h2g2. Good for a laugh, maybe.

My society for all misfits of society, the FREAK association.

Elevator Comedy

A shrine to the Pink Elephants. Because they deserve it!

A simple guide to psychological disorders in school in case you ever need to know the signs.

The original Handy French Phrases

Things to do on Long Haul Plane Flights - a genuine boredom buster!

About Me

smiley -

Generally speaking, I am a mass of walking contradictions. Things don't need to make sense- we live in an absurd world.

Music is most definitely a love of mine. I especially love obscure welsh folk-rock groups, unheard of indie groups, tragically awful punk rock groups and people who can't sing, know they can't sing, but do it anyway. Classical music is great, the more dramatic the better. But I really don't like current pop, or in fact, when it gets to a stage that everything you hear on the radio sounds exactly the same... I like things to be different, to have some kind of quirky originality. I play piano, guitar and percussion to entirely new levels of dreadfulness. When it comes to music, I am far better at listenting than playing.

My general hobbies... well... Are general. I am better known for by habit of attempting to put together clothes*, which doesn't always work, but I do enjoy it. It has to be said that my dress sense is... unusual by most people's standards. I mean, to the friends-disowning-you level of unusual, that at the same time seems to give me a cult following. I am also an avid reader, particularly of Terry Pratchett and Iain Banks, but I'm very open to recommendation. I have been known to dabble in the "occult" and am told constantly I would make a good actor/actress*, but I feel this is often very tongue-in-cheek. I've even managed to have a very, very unsuccessful modeling career...When I'm not wondering aimlessly amid the realms of the internet or indulging in odd pasttimes, I'm probably watching Red Dwarf, playing computer games or studying. I do far to much of the latter and not enough of the former.

I am a great lover of physics, art and philosophy. Odd combination, yes. But I also love politics, religion, literature and other science.

However, I am not a great lover of narrow-mindedness. Or reality television. Or mindlesness. But in saying this, to me a decent argument is as good as a sparkling conversation!

If anyone needs to contact me offsite, I'm available via email: [email protected]

Around h2g2, I am very proud to be an ACE! If you need any help at all, feel free to ask me or anyone else on the list smiley - biggrin

1This is in loving memory of the tag that one used to be the middle of my nickname.... Since becoming an ACE, it was deemed inappropriate.2From "Ode to Attention Seekers" by George O'Dowd and John Themis3That is: Too dark to be a hippie, too light to be a goth, to glittery to be punk, not glittery enough to be glam and too political to be new romantic. Commonly referred to as 'freak'4Which is now well and truely not working5Varied. Try me. I dare you!6Hint hint

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