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Hello, all -- just a quick note or two:

"On a happier note, Galileo's excommunication by the Catholic Church was even-more-recently repealed, ending his eternity of pain and torment to a meager 350 years or so." Perhaps it's not perfect English, but, ". . . ending his eternity of pain and torment _at_ a meager . . ." seems a _bit_ less wrong.

And since I am am merely an author, not an illustrious editor, I'd like to point out here in the forum that my pique has been surprisingly redirected; the original phrasing of the line, ". . . because he challenged the authority of the Catholic Church . . ." was, ". . . because it's fun to belittle the judgements of the Catholic Church . . ." This comment, in context, poked a bit of fun at those who whink it's a blast to deride Catholocism -- i.e. a small (but vocal) segment of Guide researchers. Ah well. Belgium on that. smiley - winkeye


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