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Predicting the next 5 years

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This should not be too difficult (probably what all the other people thought before making rediculous and inaccurate statements...lol).
The next 5 years will be fairly inactive on a global level.

There will be some advancements in computer technology (mainly increases in processor speed, memory, FSB, and graphic/user interface), although these will be marginal next to the advancement we have seen in the last 5 years - Processor speed will increase 25-30%, memory the same, etc. Quantum computing is alot longer than 5 years from reaching consumer shelves, so don't expect quarks to be zooming around performing vital functions in your Dell.

Conflict in the middle east will continue (realistically, has it ever ended?)...although there will be a partial to full withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afganistan.

Consumer level nanotechnology will increase, although not the way most people will expect. The technology we will see will resemble the nanotechnological achievements we have seen thus far (stain resistant clothing, carbon nanotube related composite materials, better dispersants (laundry detergent), etc. We will not be seeing a space-cable, nano-computer, or nano/bio-mechanical suits any time soon. The research into nanobots for medical treatment will take decades...not years.

Global Warming will increase...although not to the extreme some would think. We'll see a 1/2 degree global temperature increase (if that), stronger and more frequent storms (but not a Day after Tomorrow scenario). We'll see some floods and droughts...but we see them now...so more of the same really.

As far as politics...that hasn't changed in the past 2000 years...so there's no news there.

Fuel will become more expensive (25% hike from todays rate).

Malaria, West Nile virus - etc, will still be a problem, as it is today.

Video games will get better, and IQ's will drop. MP3 Players will get smaller...and so will the average person's savings. The rich will get righer...the poor poorer.

A person might be saying to me..."Well...you didnt really say much I didn't know already". That is EXACTLY the point. Things will keep pretty much the way they are for the next decade or so. I DO believe that things will change a little more drastically in the next 25 years...but that's a different story. Thats all for now...lets wait 5 years and see if i'm right!

"To the Future"


Predicting the next 5 years

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The BBC disposes of a lot of online content among which the h2g2.
We did not see this coming from a long way away, didn't we?
I'm glad we got such a vibrant Community helping to save our beloved hootoo.

I know where my towel is. It says so on the towel.

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Predicting the next 5 years

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