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The first Disneyland park opened on July 7th, 1955 in Anaheim, California.

The park was the brainchild of Walt Disney himself, who was very involved with the design and construction. His first plan was for a park where his employees in Walt Disney Studios could go to relax, but the idea snowballed until it became the 100 acre kingdom it is today.

Opening Day

Construction of the park took barely 12 months, and the opening day itself was disastrous 1. 6,000 invitations to the Grand Opening had been sent out - but they were easily counterfeited and by mid-afternoon over 28,000 vistors had been recorded. The opening took place in the midst of a heatwave, with temperatures up to 110 degress Farenheit melting the not-yet-set ashphalt on Main Street, and catching high-heel wearers by surprise. The water fountains were not operating properly due to a plumbers' strike.


Despite such an unauspicious beginning, by its 10th anniversary the park had welcomed over 50 million guests, and remains one of the worlds most popular attractions even today.

Other parks

Further Disney parks were opened in
  1. Florida - Opened in 1971. The world's most popular holiday destination and honeymoon spot.
  2. Japan - the most visited Disney park - 1983
  3. Paris - 1992

There is also a Disney cruise ship which sails in the Caribbean, and a Disney Hong Kong is planned for 2005.

1It is referred to in Disney circles as Black Sunday

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