Chemistry Scriptures (CAC Edition)

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Hear the Chemistry Scriptures, according to Pupil number 0925:

The pupils took their seats. Laura Ellis waved at KP.

Mrs.Moorby said that the class had to go over the papers that they had finished the other day. Rachel Hyman started muttering about her paper in a silly voice.

Georgina Stockley started biting her nails and whispering to Catherine Redman under her breath. Laura had her head in her hand.

Amy McWilliams and Louise Hunt were writing a lot. It was suspicious.

Rachel Hyman was the only one in the class to get the easy question wrong. She laughed about this, before yawning widely.

Mrs.Moorby told Felicity Hewitt-Dutton off for not looking at her paper.

KP dropped her pen lid and Emma Waters picked it up for her.

Mrs.Moorby said that "someone" had written something "silly".It was, of course, Emma.

Mrs.Moorby wrote something on the board and nobody really listened to her.

Georgina turned around and gave Rachel and KP the thumbs up. Emma was talking during this.

Emma and Jessica Stewart answered every single question in unison.

Amy Woods and Gemma Crane were suspiciously quiet until Gemma started talking in the middle of what Mrs.Moorby was saying. Mrs.Moorby ignored them and started waving her pen at the front row.

She talked of how "some people" had drawn their diagrams like "roundabouts". These people were, of course, Rachel.

Mrs.Moorby said "Titanium" the wrong way about twenty times. Rachel remarked on this under her breath.

Emma started to write random numbers on page sixteen of her test.

Mr. Sleet walked past the window at 1421.

Everyone rushed to get their calculators to answer one of Mrs.Moorby's questios, but Jessica got there first.

Felicity scratched her elbow.

Emma started to ignore Mrs.Moorby and tutted as she looked at KP's paper, because KP had got the answer right.

Mrs.Moorby started to lecture on how titanium is not gained from electrolysis. She acted as though the answer to the next question (which KP had got right) was obvious.

Laura untucked her shirt at 1424.

Emma giggled after she dropped her pen loudly. Mrs.Moorby, of course, ignored her.

Jessica put up her hand at 1425. Mrs.Moorby started acting as though Jessica was stupid. She started randomly talking about big vats of water to convey her point. It was like the time she started talking about the price of jelly and custard in physics one lesson, to explain a point. Everyone else thought that Jessica's remark had actually been perfectly logical, and didn't understand what Mrs.Moorby was going on about, as usual.

Mrs.Moorby read out a list of ions. She didn't breath for about a minute. Everybody on the back row laughed. Mrs.Moorby ignored them.

Mrs.Moorby used the words: "went out the window", to explain the class' knowledge, about three times during the course of about half an hour.

Georgina borrowed Gemma's calculator at 1428.

Emma smiled as she read what KP was writing. Mrs.Moorby tried to look over KP's shoulder discreetly as she fetched some more papers from the back windowsill, but it didn't work.

Some people were still singing the song that they had been singing since R.S.

Mrs.Moorby began a sentence which she took about eight minutes to complete, due to the pauses. The students got on with their papers.

Jessica made a funny face and tapped the desk at 1431. Emma snorted.

Emma asked Mrs.Moorby how to spell the word 'exercise' at 1434. Mrs.Moorby ignored KP when she had asked the same question at 1432.

KP was ignored again at 1437.

Mrs.Moorby said "Wowee," at 1438, when Catherine said that she had already completed a bibliography.

At 1441, Mrs.Moorby stated that KP was a "nosey girl," and ignored the laughs that followed.

At 1443, she threw Louise's work on the floor.

Mrs.Moorby told Catherine and Georgina to be quiet . No one was sure if she was joking or not. This occured at 1444.

KP cracked her neck at 1445. Mrs.Moorby ignored her.

At 1500 hours, someone in the junior lab spoke in a strange voice. No one noticed except KP. She chuckled to herself.

At 1502, Rachel started sucking her pen and Emma rocked precariously on her stool. She almost fell off and had to grab onto the desk violently. Mrs.Moorby chose to ignore her.

Rachel Chippendale sneezed and Laura blessed her.

Emma asked to go to the toilet at 1505. Mrs.Moorby grunted and Emma left. Emma returned at 1508, unnoticed. Mrs.Moorby ignored her again as she stopped working and looked at what KP was doing. Emma suppressed a hearty laugh, and chuckled instead.

Mrs.Moorby gave the back row evil looks as they read the Chemistry Scriptures. They thought that they might at least receive some attention, but she ignored them again.

At 1516 and 27 seconds, KP and Emma foretold the bell. Everyone gasped in astonishment. Mrs.Moorby ignored them.

Here ends the Scripture.

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