Peregrin's Fables - The Dog and the Bone

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Once apon a time there was a dog, who was given a nice bone. He was thrilled by this, and was trotting along happily looking for a convenient place to bury it, when he crossed a stream.

He crossed the stream on a bridge, and happened to glance over the side.

He looked down and saw what he thought was another dog, with a bone in it's mouth, staring back at him.

"That dog's bone looks much nicer than mine," he thought, "much bigger and juicier. I think I'll try and nick it from him." The dog had grown up in a rough neighbourhood, and so knew all about mugging.

So he dropped his bone, to try and grab the other bone. His bone splashed into the stream and sunk. Then the dog realised that there was no other dog, and only one bone; he had been looking at his own reflection. And now he had no bone.

And so he jumped into the stream after his bone, to try and retrieve it. Unfortunately he drowned in the process.

The moral of the story: Never swim less than an hour after eating. If you cannot swim well, never go out of your depth, and wear waterwings. Always be sure there is a trained lifeguard nearby.Previous fable - The True Legend of Little Red Riding Hood
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