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These are the regular characters for the BETA RPG and its spin-off.

Characters are played by:




  • Captain Richard Sharpe  Ξ

    Richard Sharpe1 was picked up for StarFleet from the Battle of Waterloo.
    He does not brook fools readily.

  • Lieutenant Commander Barnabas Collins  Ξ

    Former vampire (and now vegetarian) First Officer. Can be counted on for the Graveyard Shift, during which he composes unsent love letters to Elektra Gheorgheni.

  • Lieutenant Krystof Biermann  π
  • Sergeant Aloysius Cooper  Ξ ∗

    Sar'nt Cooper h'is a fully-functional Cockney wif a sense er 'umour h'an h'an h'abidin' love for H'Ariel, the Cap'n's pet dog. Used to be a rifleman in the Napoleonic Wars, now the Captain's batman.

Engine Room

  • Lieutenant David Jenkins  Ξ

    Irascible head of the engine room. Welsh. Tired of dealing with smegging Gaels.

  • Lieutenant Googelgong "Gugy" Larrikin  Ξ

    As Gugy says, it is a well-known fact that the Goths couldn't keep it where it belonged; thus were born the Larrikins and their ilk. To hide the shame of it all, a planet was found, which became Kookaburra Colony, home of poets, explorers, and fishmongers. A little more laid-back than a Goth, Larrikin just, well, enjoys.

  • Sergeant Emrys Williams  Ξ

    Engine room assistant, like Jenkins, Welsh. Gentle fellow, and quiet.

Shuttle Bay


Shuttle Maintenance

  • Sergeant Zbygniev Prlwytzkofski  ∇

    Fatherly figure amongst the Shuttle Bay crew. Easy to get along with - as long as your work meets his high standards.

  • Sergeant Sebastian Waldron Larris  π

    Part of the Shuttle Bay ground crew, with no ambition of ever flying a shuttle himself, like the old-fashioned kind of groom who can tell you everything about a horse except how to ride one. Usually divides his time between Air Traffic Control and the scanners.

  • Corporal Franklin Hayes  ∇

    Electronics expert; as cool as a cucumber on dry ice.

  • Crewman Rose McDougal  ∇

    Born on Tribeca, a moon in the Corvus Delta system. Upbeat, industrious technician; lead the team that constructed the ill-fated probe at Delta Delphini. Its ill fate wasn't their fault. Honestly.

  • Crewman Thomas O'Malley  ∇

    Reliable jack-of-all-trades. Fond of cats, and spaghetti with meatballs.

  • Crewman Toshiro Shimizu  ∇

    Soft-spoken virtuoso with the molecular welding torch. The two pieces of metal he can't join together haven't been manufactured yet.

  • Crewman Dirk Vandenberg  ∇

    Another molwelding expert; DC'ed from 21st Century Amsterdam.


  • Lieutenant Commander Athelney Jones  ∗

    Athelney Jones was in Scotland Yard in the Victorian Age and was mentioned as one of the less dim policemen in the Sherlock Holmes corpus. He is currently in charge of Security on the Mariposa.

  • Sergeant Jack Adams  Ψ

    An easy-going man with a propensity to go too far with the practical jokes. He lives with Anezka Laine and dreams of a day in the future when they can spend long lazy days together.

  • Corporal Samantha Wilhelmina Larris  π

    A Security worker usually known only as Sam, though she's also been referred to as Samlet, Sammy, Samthing, and even Bill. Dislikes silly nicknames and Sgt Foxdale, and is fond of mints and coffee.

  • Corporal Royall 'Hawkeye' Pierce  Ξ

    Hawkeye is from west of the Pecos, rangy, slow-talking, good-natured. Tends to look upon his Security job as not terribly unlike his previous employment of herding cattle - except that he is not usually allowed to lasso crewmembers, or brand them.

  • Corporal Phyllis Schafly  Ξ

    Perky, mostly. Dry humour. Has to be patient, she works with Fenstermacher, and comes from his neck of the woods, Pennsylvania to be exact. Sometimes she misses Pittsburgh in the 1950s, but then she realises that she'll never have to breathe coaldust again, and forgets about it.

  • Corporal George Fenstermacher  Ξ

    Also from Pennsylvania, but from the Dutch country, which explains his continued threats to 'throw Schafly from the top shelf her lunch'. Wishes the mess hall served shoofly pie, and has hunted for the 'Grundsau' in the Arbo.

  • Corporal Dominic 'Screamy' Jarlet Mycroft Joyce  ©

    Screamy. Screamy? Well he does what it says on the tin, he... ah... he screams a lot. This is due to a medical condition that he has had from birth. Age 34. Currently Sergeant O'Flaherty's sidekick/drinking buddy and a navigator of the 'Bowels of the Ship', certified MD.



  • Lieutenant Commander Aldar Swiftwater  ∗

    Chief Medical Officer Aldar Swiftwater is a half Irish, half Sioux medicine man. He believes in holistic medicine and not mollycoddling patients.

  • Lieutenant Isolde von Opergeist  ∇

    Romulan MD with a no-nonsense attitude towards her work and a rather excentric personality. Loves singing and playing trombone.

  • Lieutenant Ace Lens  ⇔

    Ace Lens is the Mariposa's psychologist. It may seem at times that either he knows what he is doing and others don't understand, or that he doesn't and they do understand. He might make an alright psychologist, but isn't necessarily a very good communicator.

  • Sergeant Sabian Waseem Larris  π

    Through no fault of his own, he finds that he is, by now, Head Nurse. Rather fussy and concerned with the letter of the law, but generally benevolent. He believes that many of his patients are really just in need of a bit of attention and someone to listen to them, though a bit of massage certainly doesn't hurt.

  • Sergeant Olivia McLaren  Ψ

    Olivia McLaren was head nurse until Sabian replaced her. She tries not to be bitter... and usually succeeds. She's a strict but fair nurse, who won't take any slack from her junior nurses or her patients.

  • Crewman Fidelma Cashel  Ψ

    Fidelma Cashel is a basically good-hearted airhead who is too easily swayed by Josephine's influence. She genuinely cares for her patients, even the hypochondriacs.

  • Crewman Josephine Jacqueline McKenzie  Ψ

    The daughter of rich socialites Lesley and Gertrude McKenzie of Diphda III (yes, those McKenzies), Josephine is a spoilt brat who is trying to earn her way back into daddy's heart and wallet by selflessly working as a junior nurse.


  • Doctor Radu Popescu  Ξ

    Transylvanian by birth, Radu Popescu served Alexei Gheorgheni during his Vampire Phase - for about a hundred years - before gaining freedom of sorts and becoming a member of StarFleet. Veterinarian specialising in astromorphs, he's the Gaels' (and Ariel's and Schroedinger's) doctor.

  • Doctor Edward Herriot  π

    A veterinarian working for StarFleet to pay off his scholarship. He longs to return to the old home farm, but hopes Tanna will come, too...


  • Doctor Celva Tanna  ∝

    Growing up with two brothers in a well-to-do family on the planet Haya, Celva Tanna became a strong and intelligent lady. She really loves nearly all animals – spiders are not her friends, although she keeps some – and she loves her fiancé, Edward Herriot, even more.


  • Corporal Daniel Hagman  Ξ

    Another Chosen Man. Runs the stables. (Yes, there are stables on this starship.) Sings like an angel wishes he could. Has the sweetest smile this side of the Jordan.

  • Crewman Malaba Ayin  π

    The only crew member to have DC'ed with the Mariposa. She is quite happy in the stables, and rarely ventures out.


Senior Officer's Mess

  • Henri de Beaujolais  Ξ ∗

    Temperamental B*lg**n chef, king of the Senior Officers' Mess. Believes the Captain is a barbarian who would probably put ketchup on his chips, if there had been ketchup in Spain in 1805. A genius behind the stove.

  • Sergeant Diarmuid O'Flaherty  ©

    Known as 'Flah', 'The Sergeant' or 'That drunk in the corner'. Born in 1786 in Wexford, Ireland. Age 37. Dislikes the British, but loves the Welsh, Scottish and English. Transported to the future by... Quantum! Partial to a bit of a drink. However doesn't have a drinking problem, describes himself as a 'Drinker with a soldiering problem'. Certified War Hero with a lot of medals. Amateur Philosopher, full time cack ponderer.

Crew Mess Halls and Kitchens

  • Sergeant Sophie Walda Larris  π

    Since she's responsible for the running of most of the Mariposa's kitchens as well as the head of the Larris Level (C Deck, Level 1, Section L), Sophie prefers to spend her free time reading knitting magazines, in which nothing more exciting than a dropped stitch ever happens.

  • Crewman Vanessa Simmons  π


  • Sergeant Sylvana Wanda Larris  π

    Works hard in Hydroponics to ensure that the crew has fresh produce even far from any planets. She regrets that this job usually doesn't involve digging in the dirt.


Quartermaster's Office

  • Regimental Sergeant-Major Brian O'Riley  Ξ

    Quartermaster of the Mariposa, head of Supply. Rare Irishman, seldom drunk. When it comes to Starfleet, he's been there, done that, and requisitioned the t-shirt, which arrived in the wrong size and discontinued colour.

  • Corporal Oscar Heffelfinger  Ξ

    Second cousin once removed to George Fenstermacher of Security. Another Dutchie from the Pennsylvania farm country, Heffelfinger keeps a low profile and laughs at RSM O'Riley's jokes, even if he doesn't get them.


  • Corporal Philip Kindred  Ξ

    What can we say? Cpl. Kindred lives in a world of his own making. He works in the Chandlery. He chandles. More than anyone else, he searches for the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything...the 'blue flower', so to speak. He also wears a tinfoil hat because the aliens are reading his thoughts.

  • Corporal Anezka Laine  ∝

    Anezka grew up underground on Zosma VII (Dhur) and so doesn’t mind not having sunlight in space. Her skin and eyes can’t tolerate sunlight anyhow. During boring times at work she likes to read books, and dream of a life on a planet together with Jack Adams.



  • Sergeant Sean Webster Larris  π

    Even a ship like the Mariposa has mechanical equipment that needs servicing, and Sean is happy to do so, though he'll do whatever other Maintenance work is required, too. He keeps to himself, mostly.


  • Sergeant Samuel William Larris  π

    The head of Construction. He has both feet firmly on the ground, and knows what he wants out of life. Doesn't make mountains out of molehills, just makes sure they're picturesque and up to code, and maybe improves the ergonomics a little. Prefers to go by his middle name of William2.

  • Crewman Hank Wheeler  π
  • Crewman Jeb Ganfrey  π


  • Corporal Saladin Wycliff Larris  π

    A groundskeeper in the Arboretum, twin brother of Suleiman. They tend to tell too many in-jokes, but are eager to find friends on board.

  • Corporal Suleiman Wilfred Larris  π

    Saladin's very slightly younger brother, also a groundskeeper. Like his twin, he doesn't intend to ever make it past corporal.


  • Crewman Susan Ashleigh  π

    A rancher's daughter, she can handle a horse, a jeep, or a frying pan with equal ease. Thinks Housekeeping is a breeze out here, as nobody tracks dust into the bunkhouses.

  • Crewman Moya Kamohoal'i  Ψ

    Moya is a shy girl, who mostly keeps to herself, when she isn't casting a hopeful eye over the female population of the Mariposa.

  • Crewman Larissa Simmons  π


  • Lieutenant Commander Jason Lee  ∗

    Jason Lee went through WWII in the Pacific, and the Clone Wars in the Galaxy. He in charge of the Galactic Rangers on the Mariposa and has rather arcane training routines.

  • Lieutenant Garrett Taylor  Ψ

    Gruff, no-nonsense marine who died in Vietnam on Old Earth. He took the move in stride and has worked for StarFleet ever since.

  • Sergeant Patrick Harper  Ξ

    One of the Chosen Men, he's not sure why he was Chosen, or what for, but if Captain Sharpe's on board, then, God Save Ireland, so is he.

  • Sergeant Björn Foxdale  π


Energy Office

  • Lieutenant Erich Maria von Koestler  Ξ

    A Prussian officer with a wry sense of humour, Erich is fairly adroit at dealing with Gaels. He also appreciates the fact that he is consorting with the former Enemy in more ways than one, being both a Romulan and a former WWII fighter pilot.

Information Office

  • Lieutenant Aleister MacAlpine  π

    An eschatological yuppie and true victim of fashion who waxes enthusiastic about spreadsheets and William McGonnagal. That says it all, really.

JAG Office

  • Captain Declan Wolfe, CSMC3  Ψ

    Captain Wolfe is the Mariposa's JAG officer, but he has not had much to do lately except work on his journals and memoirs.

Personnel Office

  • Lieutenant Deborah Samson  ∗

    Deborah Samson was an orphan who fought in the American Revolutionary War dressed as a man. She is currently in charge of personnel on the Mariposa, reporting to Lt. Cmdr. Collins.

Planetary Engineering Office

Post Office

  • Sergeant Paul Jonas  ∝

    After Paul’s family was killed he joined StarFleet. He spent his whole life in space, on one of the spaceships of his people, the nomadic Ra’Indyo. Only his tail makes it obvious that Paul isn’t human. He met his girlfriend Tavaron on the Mariposa, and made many friends on board.


  • Ensign Jeremy Metcalfe  ∗

    Jeremy Metcalfe fought in the Confederacy from Tennessee. He is fond of Gaels and all the other critters on the ship - even Schrödinger.

  • Ensigns Smith, Jones and Davis  Ξ

    The Smith ensigns are a breed apart...literally, as they are bioengineered. Why anybody wanted to bioengineer prize twits is something you'd have to ask their creator...who hasn't been seen for several centuries. To help them get around the ship, there is the Smith Button. For entertainment, there is the Smith Dance. If it reminds you of chickens, that's your problem.

  • Ensign Tucker Shepherd4  Ξ

    Hopeful young ensign (35), native of the planet Horta (Alpha Centauri Epsilon), a bucolic planet with no central government and no organised religion whatsoever. In common with about half the population there, Tucker is extradigital - twelve fingers, twelve toes. The only problem this causes is a minor controversy about the metric system.

  • Ensign Nick Curran  ∇
  • Snoopy  π

    Who knows??? Snoopy is an enigma wrapped in too many punctuation marks. He (or she? It?? They???) is responsible for THICK NUZ, so it's probably a good idea for him to remain in hiding.

  • Val Hermanni  Ψ

    A mysterious, sleazy and annoying womaniser, who doesn't appear to work very often, or at all.

  • Nappy, the Goth computer virus  Ξ

    In order to protect the starship Mariposa from cyberattacks by Jacques-Yves Rocher, the evil Gheorgheni genius,5 the Goths have planted a benign computer virus in the ship's communication systems. Well, relatively benign, if you disregard Nappy's Emperor pose, and the fact that he attacks anybody who writes in ODF6.


  • Countess Tavaron Gheorgheni  ∝

    A young Gheorgheni in her fifties; a witch, like her mother - though not quite as good yet. From her mother she also got many human habits, but sometimes she’s just clearly Gheorgheni.

  • Ambassador Eli Charognard  ∇

    Diplomat and spy, music lover and vegetarian. Born in New Orleans, 1957. His late twin sister7 Deborah8 turned out to be a Gael. Partner of Lucy Zhang; close friend of Arthur. Knife expert; can shield his mind from telepaths. Secretly resents StarFleet over their treatment of Gaels as 'service animals'.

  • Lieutenant Kyra Christopoulos  Ψ

    An orphan and ex-thief from Rigel VI, Kyra has turned over a whole tree-worth of new leaves and now works as Eli Charognard's aide. She is still wrestling with some demons, but with Eli and Frankie's help, she's winning. Despises StarFleet for more than one reason.

  • Unterweltraumführerin Brunhild von Forchtenstein zu Hinterpfuiteufel  ∝

    Romulan diplomatic envoy. Her life certainly wasn’t easy, which didn’t really make her a better person, but she is learning. Brunhild likes her new life on the Mariposa and is trying hard to forget her family.

  • Hauptschiffführerin Charlotte Ahrendt  ∝



  • Jamison Stuart Douglass  Ξ

    Astral engineer. Scots. Former soldier and incurable smart aleck. Mated to Morgan, sire of Toirdhealbhach and Mairin, although Mairin won't admit it, which shows she has good taste.

  • Morgan Herrington  Ξ

    Jamie's mate, queen of the warren. Comes from 19th-Century England. Dead shot with an elephant gun or stud-firing pistol.

  • Toirdhealbhach Herrington  Ξ

    Born on the Mariposa. Enjoys life, the universe, and everything, but hates the poetry of William McGonagal. Asks many, many questions.

  • Mairin Herrington  Ξ

    Toirdhealbhach's little sister. Nobody knows what she's like yet, but tabbies are trouble from the get-go, so beware.

  • Rory Donahue  Ξ

    Small, temperamental redhead, runs Communications. Does not suffer fools or ensigns gladly, insofar as those categories can be separated.

  • Kevin Donahue  Ξ

    Rory's sire, feared by the secret services of several governments during the Second World War, still strikes a certain amount of fear in the hearts of Starfleet officers, both for his sharp wit and his sheer - dare we say it? - animal cunning. Plays a mean piano, as well.

  • Liam O'Hanlon  Ξ

    The gentle giant among the Gaels. They go to him for wisdom. Plays a mean tin whistle.

  • Ilya Gheorgheni  Ξ

    Who knew Alexei's son would turn out to be a Gael tom? Ilya is very, very old, which means that he likes to play with toys, and is childlike.

  • Vercingetorix  Ξ

    Quiet former king of the Gauls, now a stablehand. His smouldering good looks have so far attracted a few marines.

  • Jesse Hicks  Ξ

    Cherokee Indian who proves that not all Gaels come from Celtic countries. Cheerful, and sometimes given to warpaint.

  • Donald McPherson  Ξ

    Good old boy from 18th-Century Glasgow. Would rather wear the kilt than this silly uniform.

  • Cuchulainn  Ξ

    Even older than Ilya Gheorgheni, Cuchulainn isn't sure when he was born. Cuchulainn is a tame Gael, the only one aboard the Mariposa. Perhaps it is his 5,000-year experience of serving as the hidden king of the planet Reda that has made him comfortable among the ferals and humans.


  • Ariel  Ξ

    Gallifreyan Temple Dog, a gift from Dmitri Gheorgheni to Captain Sharpe. Has a mind of his own.

  • Frankie  Ψ ∇

    A friendly, loving poodle from Rigel VI. She was adopted by Eli and Kyra after her old owner killed himself, and is happy now to sleep on whatever bed is available.

  • Fuzzykins  ∝

    Slightly purple skin, bristly fur, huge claws and teeth, and a short tail - that’s Dr Tanna’s "cute little boy". She took the big Pseudocanis nobilis Ursae Minoris in after his mother died and now treats him like the cuddly, friendly dog he is inside.

  • Ladislaus and Katinka  ∝

    Doctor Tanna's porcuphants.

  • Marla  ∇

    Isolde von Opergeist's cat.

  • Nosey  Ξ

    Daniel Hagman's dog, given to him as a pup by Malaba Ayin.

  • Schrödinger  π

    A large, orange tomcat with telepathic powers. He likes to think he's the cat who walks by himself and all places are alike to him. However, some places are aliker than others, especially if they involve tuna.

  • Senta  ∝

    The well-trained dog of Brunhild von Forchtenstein - a German shepherd, of course. For a long time she may have been the only being Brunhild could talk to.

  • Tarak  ∝

    The little Afghan-and-something mix was a present from Prince Mowgli (and Paul) to Tavaron. Who knows what will become of him?




  • Dmitri Gheorgheni  Ξ

    Mysterious, but that's Gheorghenis. Built ALPHA Station, turned it into the CSS Mariposa, gave it to StarFleet, went haring off in his own tardis. Also turned out to be Jamie's father.

  • Elektra Gheorgheni  ∗

    Elektra Gheorgheni takes a much dimmer view of humans than her cousin Dmitri. She is the Captain of the Avenger, a former pirate ship, and now works with StarFleet on more irregular assignments.

  • Alexei Gheorgheni  Ξ

    Less mysterious than most Gheorghenis. Works with the Romulans. Who works for whom is not clear. Feuds with King Terry.

  • Stefan Gheorgheni  Ξ

    Gheorgheni nutcase. Married to Morgan le Fay, father of Tavaron. Hares around like the rest of them.

  • Morgan le Fay  ∝


  • Admiral Anthony Hawkins  Ξ

    Larger-than-life figure, even by StarFleet standards. Former 18th-Century naval officer, hero of Trafalgar. Now runs his sector with a steady hand on the tiller, and drives the rest of them nuts with nautical terminology.

  • Lady Aurora Hawkins  Ξ

    Actually a Smith. No, really. Much smarter than average, a research scientist, responsible for bringing the heroes in from Earth history with her Time Scoop. Married the first one she snagged...a big scandal, as Smiths don't do things like marrying.

  • Sergeant Harriet Arris  π

    William Larris' partner, who works as a batman to a StarFleet Inspector. Luckily, the job involves a lot of travel, and brings her near him once in a while.

Department for Interplanetary Affairs

  • Arthur Simon, Lord Abergavenny  Ξ

    Spymaster extraordinaire, from Old Earth. Has recently been reunited with his twin brother Tristram10 on the planet Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Eli Charognard's boss and friend.

  • Lucy Zhang  ∇

    The DIA's Head of Research and Development, born in 20th Century China. Computer whizz, trained as a gymnast in her youth. Long-time partner of Eli Charognard.

Former Mariposa Crewmembers

  • Quirinus Fieldman  π

    A journeyman carpenter from Arcadia. Not quite compatible with the world beyond his planet, though he's learning.

  • Major John Lightfoot  Ξ ∫

    Lightfoot appears to be a hard-drinking, cigar chomping, arrogant (but charming) SOB, when he is in reality a hard-drinking, cigar chomping, arrogant (but charming) SOB with magical powers. Now exploring his softer side on his home planet Dixie with his wife Layla and their children.

  • Lieutenant Commander Layla Mai  Σ
  • Doctor Richard Castlemaine  Σ
  • Lieutenant Florestan D'Arcy  π

    Can't fly and chew gum at the same time, nor, apparently, even pretend to have any sort of discipline. StarFleet must have been desperate...

  • Crewman Sarah Winda Larris  π

    Worked in Housekeeping, but has now gone back home to Ecu-Terranova 17 to start a family of her own.

  • Corporal Sabrina Winnifred Larris  π

    Has returned to the Dareandra system with Sarah and a similar aim.

  • Crewman Simon Weylin Larris  π

    Sophie's youngest son. He was brought on board too young, a mistake he's admitted, and is now back on the Larris homeworld, apprenticed to a pastry chef.


  • King Terry of the Goths  Ξ

    The Goth. The Über-Goth. The Goth of Goths. Beware all Romulans...he and his minions prove definitively that the Sense of Humour is mightier than the Laser.

  • Robin Dewhurst, King of the Gaels  Ξ

    Nobody really knows where he is...or do they? Is he a legend, or just a working tom?

  • Jacques-Yves Rocher  ∗

    Renegade Gheorgheni with a destructive bend toward idealism.

  • Prince Mowgli of Myeyesore  ∝

    The Prince is living in a world of calculations and notebooks in which he writes down and draws his life and whatever is going on around him. One of the few things he doesn’t do for his country is marrying a Princess - he prefers his relationship with Kyra.

  • Oberweltraumführerin Matilde von Traum  Ξ ∗

    Evil Romulan Captain. She hates Sharpe, she hates Jamie, she hates StarFleet...the only thing she seems to like is Wienerschnitzel, but that may change.

  • Janehaya Ayin  π

    Malaba Ayin's younger sister. She was rescued from Earth at the last minute by Elektra Gheorgheni, but the near-death experience hasn't made her stop seeing partying as her purpose in the Universe.

1See also the guide entries on the Sharpe novels and the Sharpe TV films.2The reasons for which can be read here, if you scroll down far enough...3Confederation StarFleet Marine Corps. Do not mistake a Marine Corps Captain for a StarFleet Captain. People have been court-martialed for less.4Seen here with his sister, just before embarkation.5And, truth be told, to spite the Romulans.6Oodle-Doodle-Flip, Romulisch, or just plain German, the language of the Romulans.7Adopted, but neither of them knows that.8Who bears a striking resemblance to a certain tabby...9A full list of the pets on board can be obtained from Doctor Herriot.10Who is living together with too-feral-even-for-StarFleet Gael tabby Mathilda Broome.

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