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by Zach Garland
November 15th, 1999

This is ironic because I sent out a request for people to tell me they were updating their pages semi-regularly, like I had been doing, and then I stopped updating my user page myself. The last time I updated this thing was October 21st, and that was actually just a rewrite of something I wrote on the 16th.

To put it mildly, the latter half of October and the Early part of November have not been very kind to me. You could say they were a little scary. Thrilling too. Some parts of it were downright fun. It was quite a roller coaster ride and I'm glad things are returning to normal.

In the past month I've spent a thousand bucks on my car to get it fixed (electrical problems are the worst), I was given vacation time but had no money to spend it with, found I had more people wanting to do stuff with me than I knew what to do with, stretched myself a bit too thin, was abducted by aliens, Bill caught me in the broom closet with Hillary and he didn't mind, oh it was a nightmare.

Hopefully I'm back though. I'll try to continue to put something in here at least once a week, even if it's just to say that yes I still have not gotten laid recently and it's starting to p**s me off.

For those days when I haven't updated my user page though, feel free to try these guys out. Mike A has a new revamped homepage and he hopes you'll like it. He lists his favorite books, his favorite music, his favorite cream... Oh I'm sorry, Cream's one of his favorite bands. Oh, I get it. He updates the "lyric of the day" at least once a week so give him a looksee.

As if h2g2.com isn't graphic intensive enough, when you get through at Cafram's page you will honestly believe that pigs can fly. Well okay maybe you won't, but by the time her page downloads, you just might. She also talks to someone who types in red. I think it's her alter ego but don't tell her that. She will keep happy thoughts for you, just click on her name above because I told you, go get a soda from the fridge and come back. Pigs will fly by then.

Hmm.. I thought there was a third person who emailed me but either I miscounted or I misplaced his email. So if you were that third person I'm sorry please forgive me and write me again.

I hope to have a list starting of regular updaters with my next update. People like those mentioned above who try to regularly update their h2g2 user pages. If you're doing that too, feel free to drop me a line and let me know and I'll include you in here in the future. If anything it will give me a reason to get back in here and update the page.

If enough people show an interest in it, the list will become a regular feature and will be somewhere over here. For now, I gotta go get some errands done so I guess again I'm out of time for playing around in h2g2.com. Just wish I had more time to play. =( I hate growing up.

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