Aunt Martha's Post-Christmas Crunch

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Aunt Martha's Post-Christmas Crunch

Within reason


1 toaster oven

1 crumb catcher

1 can Pan or similar

1 box brown sugar


1 bottle pancake syrup

1 pinch cinnamon


1 pinch pumpkin pie spice


Clean crumb catcher on toaster oven. Spray lightly with Pam or similar cooking lubricant. Reinsert into toaster oven and plug oven in. Allow four hundred relatives into house for holidays, giving them free reign in the kitchen while you search for the slide projector then the slides then the cord to the projector and finally an outlet (for the cord, not your frustrations).

Two days after Christmas, after everybody's gone, pull crumbcatcher from toaster oven, then dribble brown sugar OR pancake syrup on crumbs caught.

Stir with Teflon spatula, set regular oven to 250, preheat for five minutes then gently insert crumb catcher. Heat for two minutes, remove from oven before eating.

Turn off oven.

Cooking Time: Last chance!

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