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Hey there, reader. Yes, you! Do you have a long memory?

Can you cast your mind back to the halcyon days of 2004, when a stoneclad nutcase would provoke formerly decent and upstanding members of our community into answering strange and foolish questions about leg hair and fighting robots?

Can you answer the question1 on everyone's lips?

Do you have any outspoken views you could shoehorn into an answer to an innocent question about modern music?

Do you like chairs?

Are you Master B/Mu Beta and have been waiting for this interview for THIRTY MONTHS?

If you've answered YES!, Uh-huh, Sort of, Who? or What? to any of those questions then maybe YOU could be the star of Meet Mr Inquisitor [Redux]!

If you wish to submit to the Inquisition, simply sent an email to MrInquisitorRedux[AT]hotmail[DOT]co[DOT]uk2 and prepare for your 15 minutes of fame.

Until next time, you've been a hopefully not too disinterested reader and I've been Mr Inquisitor, ciao!

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1What's the most important thing you've learned through being a member of h2g2?2Or drop by my PS, it's all groovy.

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