The Tale of Three Weapons - Chapter 9

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The Tale of Three Powerful Weapons

Long ago when the deserts were filled with green, the world was still young and all battles were between valiant warriors to earn honour and not for land or the kill, all were kind and no evil existed.

Three valiant warriors asked a forger to make the two greatest weapons of all time, two that would never be rivaled. They gave him the first Zitheyn, so with this he made the greatest weapons of all time for the more gentle warrior.

He gave the more gentle warrior the first magic, which would do many things to help him in battle, and the ability to change his weapon into all others encountered. This he made as a staff and let him master magic and learn to use many weapons. This staff hid much power in its plain quarterstaff-like appearance.

To the second more courageous warrior he gave twin weapons that would give him more strength than any other. It could also give him the endurance to use this strength for many days with no stop. With this he made the twin weapons the ability to give the wielder the skill to fight with the skill of past wielders, including their skill in all weapons. These he made into twin broadswords that could merge together to turn into a long sword. He gave each a special name to tell of their opposite design: yin and yang, which thereafter became the description of all powerful opposites. These swords were black and white to show the light and dark that he somehow knew would soon exist. He also made sure before he finished that the weapons would only be wielded by the descedants of the true wielders or that they would vanish if all disappeared.

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