George and His Soulmate

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'Shady Glen' rest home workers knew George simply as 'Henry the 8th', as rumour had it that he'd seen off 6 wives during his 84 years on this planet.

Most suspected that he'd worn them out with his youthful exuberance. Unlike most of the other resident males, his regression back into childhood seemed to have stopped abruptly at his early, to mid teens. This boyishness was probably a large contributor to his having offended most of the female carers over the last few months that he had been a resident... or as George liked to describe it; 'Parked - in Gods waiting room !'

George had had his eye on Lola, the latest 'new' employee for the last week or so. She seemed a breath of fresh air, and easier going than the others, all of whom had tried to divert George from his favourite juvenile pastimes. Pastimes including listening to Radio 1, buying and playing chart CD's and annoying the other 'parked' residents by switching the TV to Pop Idols, Fame Academy and the like whenever he could manoeuvre his chair close enough to hit the channel button with his outstretched stick.

Then... Tuesday morning came. Lola strode over to George carrying that special pink form. The one that detailed George's' history... the form that confirmed that the recipient, Lola, was indeed George's new primary allotted carer.

'Well George. It seems you have gotten through the entire list of
helpers... and there's only me left. It says here you like to imagine
yourself as keeping upto date with the modern scene.'

Lola winked... then took the handles of his chair and began to push George towards his room. In a lowered voice Lola spoke out...

'Don't let on just now George, but I've brought you an early Xmas present and you can open it right now...'

George opened the small parcel. Inside was Kylies latest CD... and an inside cover photo that warmed George's heart. He smiled at Lola. He rated Kylies latest hit even higher than Fat Man Scoops.

'Let's go load it up and have a sing along eh George?'

asked Lola.

George smiled and pulling Lolas ear closer gently whispered back...
'Bling Bling!!'

Graphic by Wotchit


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