The Bouncy Normo Memorial Fridge

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Welcome to the....... BOUNCY NORMO MEMORIAL FRIDGE.(Affiliated mental section of the Fools Guild)

Various foodstuffs in a prohibited sign

Quite possibly the silliest place in the whole Guild, or at least we will try to be.
This is the place is for completely insane foolery that is too silly even for other Guild Areas. (We hope)

Bouncy Normo!

Could be! One of the most famous Fools of all time. This person had NO sense of humour at all, but was so funny, that his stage performances were banned when three audience members died laughing. This! Despite the fact that Bouncy Normo was standing facing the back of the stage and had never spoke a word since walking on to the stage. Usually, he could be seen at the side of the stage wing, shaving before he came on, the audience at the opposite end, who could see this, and writhed in mirth and total merriment. This was so embarrassing, that the then Lord High Fool forced Bouncy to wear a brown paper bag over his head. Unfortunately! This really made matters far worse, as people collapsed in heaps, all over the theatre in laughter, just at the thought of Bouncy Normo being totally Unfunny under the bag.

In a bid to understand what was happening, he left a short note, containing his unintentional but 100% lasting humorous catch phrase "What is everyone laughing about".

Bouncy Normo went and jumped off the roof of the House of Mirth.
He landed full on centre of the marquee housing the custard pie collection tubs, bounced from there on to a trampoline that was being used for the Amusing Trouser Practice group, and then uncontrollably headlong on to the lower end of a seesaw being erected by three incompetent acrobats, who fell backwards on to the higher end(in shock). He was unceremoniously catapulted through a second floor window, landed on a pastry trolley, of all places outside the Lord High Fools Office, carried on and rolled down a flight of stairs and out of the main door (shut at the time and glass fronted), whereupon, his fate was sealed, being trampled on by a passing circus elephant, belonging to the three incompetent acrobats.

Several eyewitnesses had to be counselled for months, for over- laughing over the fact that in his death, he was 101% funnier than when he was on stage.


The Memorial Fridge, purchased in his honour, was due to the H2G2 Fools Guild’s Jester committee collecting 31,874 tons of left over oven chips and building a replica of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Let Silliness and Insanity be the by word and save your used oven chips, there’s still the Tropic of Cancer to build! ...

A fitting and lasting tribute to the late and nearly, well not all that close, but not far of, in fact quite a few miles away really. Actually! If the truth be known, at least a thousand mile away and an unknown burial place to boot. (Quick look at the beginning of this eulogy) ah! Yes! The Antics of Bouncy Normo! Long may he be remembered?

Man in a kilt reading poetryOde to a Fridge. By Mac Tarrmack Mac Tarrmack and Adamm

Oh wee white lonely silent fridge sat in the pantry,

Keep ye door shut.

Fer it costs mah wallet paying the electric,

An ah dinna get paid till Friday.

I’ve noo fresh haggis,

An’ the milk an’ cheese.

Will last a wee while,

Till I thumb a lift tae the shop.

Oh wee white lonely silent fridge sat in the pantry,

Keep ye door shut.

I canna sleep wi ye light on,

An’ can only heat one room.



None Badge

Right! NOW when will I get my cheque for narrating this then? a total waste of time, except for the money?

No! You stupid secretary, you don’t have to write this part down, stop writing will you!

NO! It’s got nothing to do with you being married to my sister’s cousin.

Stop crying.

I’m phoning the agency tomorrow and have you replaced.

Can I have a tissue please?

Why are you writing this down?

Can’t get out of the habit of being a stenographer in a court room ??

Stop flaming crying!

I can’t help it! Sob!!!

Forget the cheque, I’m going, you stay here.

THEN GET A TAXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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