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The Grand Plan

For those that don't know, Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire' is a brief chronology of the second half of the 20th century. Basically, it is little more than a list of all the major events of that time - see this page for the whole lot.

My plan is to co-ordinate a series of entries on the events here in a project-style manner. Because of assorted copyright legal reasons, we can only reproduce a certain amount of lyrics at once, so a better idea would be to divide the song into twenty sections or so, each one representing a year, and containing half a dozen 'mini-entries'.

What I really need is entry writers. Which is hopefully why you are reading this page right now. Please choose whichever topics you are happy to write about (it would helpful if you informed me of these choices in this thread), and churn me out a handful of paragraphs. Please do not make them too long! I want this project to be snappy and lively, not dull history. The site I've linked to above has the right idea, but his write-ups are perhaps a little bit short.

Find out what has already been spoke for here!

When (if!) you write something, do not put it in PR, but please let me know in this thread. I can then compile all the mini-entries into a couple of dozen big ones.

Alternatively, if there's already a Guide Entry on any of the events, then I would appreciate a link in case I've already overlooked it.

Just to Prove I'm not Slacking Off

I am compiling and (unofficially) Subbing the entries as they become available. See them in all their glory:

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1964-1989 (Part 1)

1964-1989 (Part 2)

1964-1989 (Part 3)

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