Revenge Ragout

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Revenge Ragout


Ten to life


1/2 dozen empty diet microwave dinner cartons (minus trays)

1 jar factory gravy

1 can minced mushrooms

1 jar pickled herring in sour cream


Bow to the host, chuckle at his jokes about your alcoholism and go sell dog food during the first commercial break.

Boil the ever-livin' out of the diet microwave dinner containers.

When they are limp, drain on paper-towel-covered plate and open containers of other ingredients and pour said ingredients into warm skillet.

When everything is relatively cooked, lower flame.

Dump soggy diet microwave dinner containers in skillet.


Heat for a further five minutes or 'til you can't stand it any longer.

Turn off flame.

Allow to cool and serve.

Cooking time:

Still not paying attention!

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