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I am all that I am meant to be
Not too little
and never too much

And I will live this life
not for yesterday
nor for tomorrow

I will accept it for what it is
Wear it, declare it
Trust in this life

I will walk this life
thru dark and light
To follow the path
I’ve yet to know

I will breathe this life
Heal this life
Bathe in warmth and peace of life

I will colour all dreams
in the palm of my hands
Sing and shout
Unmask this life

And despite the hazards it may involve
I will risk this life
this heart, this soul

I might cry this life
But should I ever weep this life
I will feel no lasting sorrow

As I will have lived this life
knowing I have truly lived

And when it’s time to leave this life
I will dance naked with joy
In the light of my next tomorrow

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