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This week I take a look at the second of the three games for the ashes1. It was a must win for the home team Great Britain. Only once have GB come back to win the ashes from a game down

1st Half

After winning the toss Britain selected to receive the ball in the first half and run it - and that's what they did! Their forwards pushed up the center of the park before passing it to the wingers. Britain's kick and chase was spot-on from the start this week after having a horrible first 40 minutes in the first half last week. Their defence was fantastic only letting the Australians in a few time in the first half with wonderful chip kicks over the defence and grubber kicks. But Britian knew only a win would do to take it to the final game. Australia looked shell-shocked for the last 10 minutes of the first half, especially at the way GB was getting tries past them and their resolute defence. At the end of the first half it was Great Britian 20 Australia 12. GB looked to be crusing

2nd Half

Britain came out in the second half looking to press the lead a little but the decisions by the referee from Australia made that difficult. An Australian was tackled and then extended his arm but the penalty wasn't given and Australia, who talked about patience in the second half and completing more sets of 6 and less errors, did just that - finding it easy to get into the Great Britain half of the field and run at their defence. They got through once due to skipper Andy Farrell kicking the ball out on the full. That gave them another set of six on our 20 meter line that and a penalty to the Australians meant that, for the last ten minutes of the game, it was 20 points each.

Both had world class kickers on the field to try and get the drop goal that could win the match - and for the Australians to take the ashes back to Australia. Britain sometimes did not take the correct option of running the ball and playing the power play, but when they did pass the ball to the GB kicker (Paul Deacon) the Australians were quick to close him down. Then, with 3 minutes left, the Australians broke through the tiered British defence and got into a great position to get the one point. The GB defence wasn't fast enough to close the kicker down

The final score was:

GB 20 Australia 21

What did you think of David Waite managing the GB Side? There were whispers that he doesn't want to do it for the next ashes game, so who will take over next season?

  • Brian Noble
  • David Waite again
  • Darrel Powell

Let me know and you might have your ideas put up in next week's Rugby Report.

Who do think should manage the GB ashes team next year? How do you think David Waite did this year?

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1Currently held by Australia.

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