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There's a word for people like you my mother said;

Fat, lazy, ugly, clumsy,

Perculiar, creep, doing it for effect,

Making it all up. Of course that doesn't hurt.

You don't mean that. Stop whinging. Hold still.

Bloody drama queen. Don't be silly.

There's a word for a kid like you, they said at school;

Swot, teachers pet, posh, the fat kid,

Four eyes, fatso, too bleedin' clever by half

Wimp, victim, wally.

There's a talented girl, the teachers said

What a pity she has no confidence.

There were plenty of words for a woman like me;

Mine was one, and stupid bitch some others.

Cow, mare, and most of the animal kingdom,

Useless, hopeless, gormless, hideous,

Meal ticket, provider, and finally they all said

'What do you mean, you're leaving?'

There are still words for people like me;

The walking wounded, courageously vulnerable,

Co-dependent no more, and healed inner child,

Good humoured, wide seeing, open minded,

Mum, friend, healer, counsellor survivor,

Still alone, but not minding any more. Still standing.

There's a word for people like me. Amazing.

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