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Come in officer

No I'm fine thank you

What? That?

I am so clumsy

Always tripping

What are you doing here?

No, she's fine

What? That?

Don't know mate

She's always tripping

Why do I let him do what?

He doesn't do anything

It's my fault

I mustn't upset him

I deserve it

Why do I do what?

I don't do anything mate

She winds me up

She pisses me right off

Come on mate you know how it is

No, don't take him away

I love him

He didn't mean it

He won't do it again


Come on mate, it's only a row

She loves me

I didn't do nothing

She won't tell you anything

Wasting your time

No, I don't want to

I want him back

We'll be fine

I'm cooking dinner

He likes his roast

I told you she wouldn't

I'm going to the pub

Get lashed

Then home

You know how it is mate

One more call

One more statistic

One more victim

One more injury

One more??????

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