Mistaken Identity - Part 1

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Clique Headquarters, a birds eye view

Chapter 1

The idea behind this piece of fanfic is a simple one. The characters Major Lorne and Agent Garrity are played by the same actor, Kavan Smith, in Stargate Atlantis and The 4400, respectively.

Dr Elizabeth Weir did a double-take as the man walked past her. 'Major Lorne?' she murmured as she turned to follow him. Elizabeth had been asked by an old friend of hers to give a lecture at the University of Seattle, so here she was, spending a week of her precious leave time on Earth in Seattle, when who does she bump into but the military second-in-command. There was just no getting away from Atlantis.

'Major! Major Lorne!' She jogged up behind him. 'Evan, wait,' she said as she grabbed his arm. The man jerked his arm away and turned to face her. 'Whoa, easy lady, watch the coffee,' he said. Elizabeth's hand flew to her mouth to stifle a scream of embarrassment, and she started to blush.

'I... I am so, so sorry. I thought you were a friend of mine,' she said. She looked more carefully at him. His hair was a little longer than Lorne's and he wasn't quite as well-built, but the resemblance was uncanny — spooky, even.

'Lucky friend,' said the man with a grin. He had that same cocky grin as Lorne, the one that had the women of Atlantis falling at his feet. Elizabeth smiled her best diplomat's smile.

'You look so much like my friend it... it's unnerving. Are you sure you don't have a cousin or something in the Air Force, name of Lorne?' The man shook his head.

'No, no one in my family joined the Air Force. My name's Garrity, Marc,' he said.

'Dr Elizabeth Weir,' she said. She shook his hand as the university bell tolled. 'Oh, I must go, I've got a lecture to deliver in an hour. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr Garrity. I'm sorry for my mistake.'

'A pleasure to meet you too, Dr Weir,' said Garrity. She turned and walked away. 'That Lorne guy's a lucky son of a bitch,' Garrity murmured.

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Diana Skouris was on her way home after a short holiday in Colorado with her daughter Maia. She had stopped at the gas station to fill up and stock up on drink and snacks before they hit the interstate. She was making her way back to the car when she caught sight of the guy at the gas pump in front of her.

'It can't be,' she said to herself. 'Garrity?' She walked up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder. 'Garrity, what are you doing here? What's going on?' The man almost dropped the gas pump in surprise.

'Jeez, lady, don't scare me like that,' he said. Diana's mouth dropped open.

'Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I thought you were a guy I work with, I... I... can't believe... it's... you look so much like him,' she stammered. Now she had a good look at him, his hair was a little shorter than Garrity's and he was a bit more muscular, but apart from that, the similarity was astounding.

'You wanna stick with that?' the man said with a smile. He even had that same amused smirk Garrity had, the one that he used to get any amount of information he wanted out of any woman he met.

'I'm sorry, you must think I'm completely insane, but it's uncanny. Do you have a twin brother or something in Seattle, goes by the name of Garrity?' she asked.

'No, there's only one of me as far as I know. My name's Lorne, Evan Lorne, based at Cheyenne Mountain,' he said as he stuck out his hand.

'Diana Skouris,' she said, shaking his hand.

'Mom, come on, let's go!' said a girl's voice. Diana looked towards the car and sighed.

'Okay honey, I'm coming,' she replied.

'Your daughter?' he asked.

'Maia,' Diana replied as she turned to go. 'It was nice to meet you, Evan. I don't normally do this you, know.'

'Nice to meet you too, Diana, and I'm not complaining,' Lorne said with a grin, thinking that when he stopped next he'd find a Seattle phone book. How many Diana Skourises were there in Seattle? As Diana pulled away, Maia wound the window down and yelled out to Lorne.

'Don't stop on the Interstate! Hey, Mister, don't stop on the Interstate, please!' she yelled.

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Garrity was making his way back to his car after questioning witnesses in an arson attack on the house of a 4400. He hated this routine 'cop' stuff. He thought back to the woman who had stopped him in the street earlier and wondered if he could get away with a quick detour via the university before going back to NTAC headquarters. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he almost missed the sound of someone following him. He turned, fishing for his gun, when a bolt of blue light struck him and he hit the deck. Three men moved over to him, pulled him up and dragged him towards a car, where a man was waiting.

'Well done.' Garrity was bundled into the car. 'It won't belong before we can implement our plans to destroy Atlantis,' said the man, as his eyes began to glow.

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Lorne spotted the dark-skinned woman waving her arms next to a car with the hood up. Briefly he thought of the words Diana Skouris's daughter had yelled at him, but this woman was by herself. He couldn't just leave her there. Weird shit didn't happen on Earth — well, not as much as in the Pegasus Galaxy. He pulled up and got out.

'What's the problem?' he asked. The woman smiled.

'I don't know. It just stopped,' she replied.

'You call Triple A?' he said.

'My phone's dead,' she replied apologetically. Lorne bent over and looked at the engine.

'Oh yeah, I can see the problem,' he said. He began to straighten up when he saw two men move up behind him.

'Hey, what the...' he began as the woman slammed the hood down on him. The men grabbed him and plunged a syringe into him. He went limp and they bundled him into the car. The woman got into the driver's seat and dialled her mobile.

'Do you have good news, Isabel?' said a voice at the other end.

'Yes. I have him with me. We should be with you in a few hours,' said Isabel.

'Good, I heard he met with Diana. I thought Maia may have seen something,' said the voice.

'No, it went perfectly. I will see you soon,' said Isabel as she hung up.

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