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Cambridge University

Known by this name only to a select few of its alumni, Cambridge University is more frequently referred to, especially in Oxfordshire, as North Fens Polytechnic. NFP has maintained a reputation as one of Britain’s best universities primarily through its sporting success. Each spring, the rigours of the infrequent boating trips to civilisation pay dividends as they row for victory in response to a traditional challenge from Oxford University. Later in the year, on the first Tuesday in December, those who are too heavy to use the boats demonstrate the benefits of thick, glutinous, mud for resistance training in their annual victory in a rugby contest with Oxford. Little thought of except on these two occasions in the year, NFP is an ideal location to hide from the law, to discover the relative excitement of all manner of activities that at first glance seem mind-numbingly tedious, or, during the May Balls, to research the mating habits of the upper classes, which tend to revolve around meringue-shaped plumage.

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